just like magicc

jessicia thought nothing of her self. meets some lovely young lads, she will never know what shes in for


4. new nick names

"so, are you girls from around here, or where you just trying to find us?" Louis asked with a big smile on his face while Liam elbowed him for being so rude.
"haha, yeah we live just out of the city" Jessica explained while Chloe was too starstruck to say anything.

once every one had gotten there food they got talking, they talked about everything from x factor to school and what its like to travel. Chloe and harry got along really well, but niall and Jessica didn't stop talking to each other.

Liam wouldn't stop talking about Danielle and how much he wants Jessica and Chloe to meet her, Louis was just being Louis but would sometimes talk about Eleanor and the adventures they got up to, zayn only talked a few times but when he did his accent was amazing, Zayn did talk about Perrie a few times as well but his much more quieter than the rest of the boys.

all of a sudden Louis yelled out "i'm going to call you clozaa and you Jess, got it!"
everyone just laughed and agreed with him

lunch had finished, Chloe and Jess had to go home now, but the boys didn't want them to go.
"hey i have a park just down the road from where i live when dont we catch the train back and go there for a bit?" jessicia asked
"i think it would be better if we don't catch the train, Louis has his care here and we will all be able to fit in it" harry decided

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