just like magicc

jessicia thought nothing of her self. meets some lovely young lads, she will never know what shes in for


3. meeting the boys

"shh, i really don't want to be spotted" he whispered.
"oh gosh, i cant believe this, Jessica you are amazing" Chloe smiled while giving Jessica a big hug.
"umm, yeah. wait you never told me your name?" she said turning to the boy.
"haha, sorry. i must be really good at hiding, i'm Niall Horan  your friend over here has already noticed that i'm guessing" he said with shock.
"oh sorry Niall, i'm just a bit silly, haha, my friend is Chloe." Jessica said with glee
"i'm starving, and the boys must be waiting, ill just send them a quick text saying there's extras" Naill explained.
"wait wait wait, hold up there cow boy, we are having lunch with you and the boys, meaning the rest of one direction" Chloe said a quietly as she could.
"haha yeah, you sure are, now lets go before were too late" Niall said as the started to walk to nandos.

as they reached nandos niall spotted the rest of the boys, Zayn was wearing what harry would normally wear, harry was in his blue jack wills hoodie, Louis was wearing red jeans with a white shirt Liam was wearing an oldish fanny. 

"hey, this is Chloe and Jessica. i bumped into Jessica in a shop before and i promised her lunch because she hurt her hand because of me" Niall explained to the rest of the boys as they sat down at a table.
the boys all said there hello's and Chloe sat next to harry while Jessicia took a seat next to niall as he asked her to.

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