just like magicc

jessicia thought nothing of her self. meets some lovely young lads, she will never know what shes in for


6. love birds

they arrived at the park and piled out
"oh my gosh! there's swings here" harry yelled out as he ran to them.
"hahaha yeah there's swings at all parks" Chloe called out as she ran after him.
all of a sudden harry stopped and turned around and ran to Chloe  picked her up and throw he over his shoulder.
"hahahhahahahahahhaahhahaha, harry put me down, this is so unfair" Chloe yelled with glee
"never" he said as he ran round with her still on his shoulder

"i'm going to get ice-cream i sore a shop down the road that sells them, who wants to come with me" liam called out.
"yeah ill come" zayn said with a smile.
"ill come as well and leave these love birds alone" Louis said with sass
niall went bright red once Louis had said that, does he like Jess already.

"sorry about him Jess, his just a bit umm childish" niall said while looking down at the ground
"hahah yeah its fine, i get it, remember i have a brother so i know what it's like. but Chloe and harry are hitting it off aren't the?"
"yeah they are, but harry a bit of a flirt. i would hate for chloe to get hurt" 
"Chloe is a bit the same, but they are so cute. just by how they run around with each other just being them selves"
"i would love to have someone like that one day, right now i guess im the only one who hasnt got something like that"
"haha your'e not the only one, i haven't had a boyfriend in a while, but right now im just waiting for the perfect one to come around"
"that's true, 'doing just about the same thing"

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