just like magicc

jessicia thought nothing of her self. meets some lovely young lads, she will never know what shes in for


15. is it too soon?

niall ran up to jessicas room where his bags had been put. he couldnt stop thinking about how amazing this nights going to be.
while niall was up stairs jessica went into the kitchen and got herself and niall a glass of iced tea.
"hey beautiful" niall wispred as he walked into the kitchen, at the same time taking a picture of jessicia.
"i made you a drink, we can drink them down at the park" she said while looking into his beautiful blue eyes.
once they reached the park they both went straight to the swing set, while still holding plastic cups half full with ice tea.
"im guessing you wouldnt have really seen the southen cross?" she said while tilting her head back to havee clear veiw of the sky
"no, never. i havent really had the time" he said as he looked where jessicia was pointing.
"'i would love to travel as much as you do"
"haha, it gets annoying"
after an hour of small talk and empty cups they walked back to the house.
""im going to go have a shower, i need to wash all this make up off" jess exclaimed
"yeah sure.  do you have a laptop? i need to check twitter"
"yeah. its on my desk in my room"
"okay. thanks"

niall checked twitter, nothing really important had really happened.
he decided he would tweet about how beautiful Melbourne is. is it too soon for the world to know about him and jess?
after a while of being on twitter he went on youtube.
"how animals eat" nialll wisspired 
"you should what that, its funny" jess said as she walked in an sat next to him.
they watched it together and couldnt stop laughing at it.
once they finally stoped laughing they settled down into bed.

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