just like magicc

jessicia thought nothing of her self. meets some lovely young lads, she will never know what shes in for


2. is it really you?

"ill meet you back here in half an hour, i'm just going to get some stuff from forever 21, and i know how much you hate it!" Chloe said as she pointed to forever 21. 
"yeah sure ill just go over to he surf shop" Jessica said as Chloe walked off.

as Jessica was looking around the surf shop, a cute boy bumped into her
"oh gosh i'm so sorry, i didn't mean to do that" the boy said with his strong Irish accent, he was wearing a pair of ray-bands with a hoodie.
"its fine, i really don't care" Jessica said, after she had noticed that he had braces.
"oh gosh, its not fine, look at your hand" he said while looking at her hand that must have been cut on the rack when he bumped into her.
"are you hear with anyone?" he added
"yeah shes meeting me in about five, oh gosh i better get going" Jessica said as she looked on her phone for the time.
"let me get you and your friend lunch, i feel so bad" he said while following her out of the shop
"um yeah, are you sure?" Jessica replied
"yes i'm sure, lets go to nandos, i'm meeting my friends there anyway." he said 
Chloe had spotted them and Jessica hand so she got a band aid and stuck it on the scratch
"oh my, is it really you?" Chloe said as she looked at Jessica's new Irish friend.

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