just like magicc

jessicia thought nothing of her self. meets some lovely young lads, she will never know what shes in for


9. dressed up

Jess put on a black dress, one that she had never gotten to wear, it came about half way up her thighs, it was tight, it had one sleeve that went over one shoulder with red heels. it was simple but it made her greeny blue eyes really stand out. her make up was done really natural, and her light brown hair was curled and out with a middle part. her olive completion skin had a beautiful glow to it.

Chloe was much paler than Jess but still wasn't too pail, she had dirty blonde hair that was straightened like normal and her make up was done to perfection with her eyes looking a deeper and darker brown. she wore a dark purple strapless mullet dress with yellow strapped heels. Chloe really like to wear more fun clothes unlike Jessica who wore more plain clothes.

it was not 6:30 and the boys where already waiting at the bottom of the stairs. 
the girls walked down separate stairs, niall couldn't stop looking at at jess as she walked down the stairs.
"jess you look amazing" niall said in shock.
"oh, thanks, you look very smart" jess said giving him a quick wink


"out la car has arrive" harry said while trying to sound french.
"hahah oh golly, harry you are so cute" chloe said as she walked out the door
"OMG, is that the car where taking?" jess asked in shock.
"yes, is it too much?" niall said
"no way, its a white stretch hummer, how could you afford this?" chloe asked
"umm, we are one direction don't you forget" harry said while opening the door while everyone hoped in.

niall and jess sat together, niall reached over and grabbed her hand.

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