just like magicc

jessicia thought nothing of her self. meets some lovely young lads, she will never know what shes in for


5. car ride

everyone piled into the car, Louis was driving and zayn was next to him, harry was behind Louis  Chloe was in the middle and liam was behind zayn, niall and Jess really hit it off so they where still talking in the very back of the car.

the car was more of a van, it was dark blue with very tinted windows so no one could spot them than be followed.

"hey i'm hungry" niall called out
"haha, niall your'e always hungry, i can see a McDonald sign up ahead ill go throw the drive throw alright" louis called back than turned the music back up.
the song give me love was playing, Jess knew every single word to it.
"wow!" niall said once Jess started to sing.
"wow what?" she asked confused.
"i just didnt know you could sing, you never told me" 
"haha, i'm not even that good, but thanks anyway, i guess"

they pulled into McDonald and niall got his food. they where almost at the park they where talking about.

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