Perfect Disaster

My name is Trish. I live in London. I am a photographer. I work for a local fashion magazine. My life is nothing extraordinary, until a photoshoot with a certain person changes my life. [{*(Justin Bieber fanfic)*}]


2. Getting ready for the Date

Justin's POV

She was so pretty But even better, she was really nice. I felt like I could be Justin. Not Justin Bieber the teen sensation. I was so glad she was single. I would have gone crazy if she was in a relationship. That kiss was something i can't miss (i know the tense is wrong but im quoting carly rae jepson and JB and her are friends so ya...) It was amazing. I have kissed many a girl but she was different, i wasn't such a physical thing, it was love. I, Justin Drew Bieber, have fallen in love at first sight. I got ready for the date, but before I texted her:

Trish <3

Hey, babe. ;) Text me your address so i can pick you up? :)

- Justinnn <3 ;)

Send. I got ready for the date. I wear a suit similar to the one i wore in the forbes magazine shoot, with my black supras and my black watch. I did my hair, grabbed the keys to my audi (yea i made justin have an audi) and got in right as she texted me

From: Trish <3

Babe? ;) lol yea sure here is my address... {insert address} you better not sell it to some petifile...

~ Trishyyy! <3 :D

She was so funny. :) I smiled a small smile. I hopped in my audi and put her address in my google maps. I put on my old My World Acoustic album. My voice was so much higher then, but i still love the old songs. :) Shortly i arrived at her apartment. I rang the bell and she let me up. I got into the building and took the elevator to the 4th floor and went to apt 41A. Oh god. Do i look okay? Before i could psych myself out, I overhear a beautiful voice singing Take You off of my new album, Believe. Was that Trish? I kept listening but I felt bad for eavesdropping so I knocked on the door, that revealed a beautiful Trish wearing gold skinny jeans, with a lace top, with gold and black supras with light makeup and nude colored nails, pyramid stud earrings and a little jewlery. She looked amazing.

She chuckled. Shoot she saw me staring..."You didn't sell my address did you?"She said sarcastically.

"No, are you kidding me? That's not how i roll." I said with the wink nod smile, making her blush. So. cute. :)

"Ready to go, gorgeous?" I said, making her blush again.

"Ready as I'll ever be!" She said back

Trish's POV

I am surprised i walked out of that place in one piece. I just took pictures of Justin Bieber. I just took pictures WITH Justin Bieber. I just got kissed by Justin Bieber. I just got asked out by Justin Bieber. I JUST FREAKING GOT JUSTIN BIEBER'S NUMBER! I ran home and started to get ready. Right before i got in the shower, i got a text from Justin. I fangirled, gee, im gonna need to get used to this. 

From: Justin <3 ;)

Hey, babe. Text me your address so I can pick you up? :)

-Justinnnnn <3 ;)

I texted back


Babe? ;) lol yea sure here's my address {insert address} you better not sell it to some petifile...

~Trishyyyyy <3 :D

I got in the shower and took a quick wash. I jumped out and brushed through my brown hair. I let it dry in it's normal wavy way. I picked out an outfit, a lace top, with gold skinny jeans, with gold and black supras. I hated heels so I would not be caught dead in them. I had a little time before Justin got here so I decided to browse twitter. I started singing Take You again. It was one of my favorite songs off of the album. I hear the buzzer. 


"Hey It's Justin"

"Oh ok come on up!"

I buzzed him in. I continued singing. I stopped abruptly when i heard a knock on the door. Shoot! Did he hear me sing?! I hope not! Well here goes nothing! :) I open the door and immediatly notice Justin staring at me. I chuckle.

"You didn't sell my number did you?!"

He laughed and said "Are you kidding me?! That's not how i roll." He said with the famous wink nod smile, making me blush like crazy.

"Ready to go gorgeous?" He said which made me blush even more, ugh, Justin why do you do this to me?!

"Ready as I'll ever be!" I said perhaps a little too eagerly.

**A/N Hi readers! Sorry for the crappy filler. I'll do another good chapter tomorrow. lol Keep favoriting! Who watched Justin on Oprah tonight?! Wasn't it good! :) I think Jelena is back. :( Dont get me wrong, I love selena but they just dont go. leave your Jelena thoughts in the comments! Love you all!**

~Tahlimoo xxx

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