Perfect Disaster

My name is Trish. I live in London. I am a photographer. I work for a local fashion magazine. My life is nothing extraordinary, until a photoshoot with a certain person changes my life. [{*(Justin Bieber fanfic)*}]


1. A normal day

Camera. Bag. Keys. Boots. (See trish's outfit here:

Sorry, I was in a rush, My name is Trish. I live in London, and i work for a fashion magazine. My boss called me in really early this morning for a photoshoot. He said dress nicely, weird, usually i just wear sweatpants and a tank to a photoshoot. I get into my Fiat and put on some Justin Bieber. I loved his new album Believe. I start singing Take You. I always liked my voice but I never let ANYONE hear it. not even my mom or sister. the only person that has EVER heard it is my best friend Sarah. But that's another story for another time. I arrive at the office and get in the elevator and press the 3rd floor for the studio. When I get there, the elevator door almost closes again because i stayed there in shock. Justin flipping Bieber was standing in front of me.

"Um, Hey!" He said.

"Hi." I managed to squeak out 

He was even better looking in person. He was about a half inch taller than me putting me right at eye level. His hazel/brown eyes were mesmerizing. I clear my throat and say:

"We should probably get you to the wardrobe and hair and makeup."

"Ok. Cool. Make me look good." He said with a wink. Ohmygod. Justin, just kill me now before i melt.

"Trust me you dont need any help." I thought but in reality i just chuckled and said, "Dont worry, you  are with the best" WTF BRAIN! Now I sound like a self-conceited bxtch. I escorted him over to wardrobe where we picked out what he would wear for the shoot. (See Justin's Outfit here: He started to take off his shirt infront of me and i exclaimed


"haha" he chuckled.

He came out and looked amazing. as always.

we went over to the hair and makeup station where they simply redid his hair, (it was a little messy from getting the shirt on) and put a light dust of powder foundation. He was beyond perfect.

"Umm, we can go over to the screen now to start shooting. PICTURES." 

He was laughing really hard. We both were. I hadn't laughed like that ever since my dad die-. never mind... I was brought back to reality and started taking pictures. I liked genuine pictures so I had him make funny faces, and act like the 18 year old kid he was. It was relatable. We were looking through the pictures when a great idea pops into my head.

"we should take this outback!"

"How do you mean?" He asked.

"We should go in the alley and take some pictures of you there. it would show the bad-ass side of you."

"That is an amazing idea!"

We went out back and took more pictures. He said that we should take some together for fun, and i wasn't going to object, I mean, taking pictures with THE justin bieber! Who could say no!? We were taking pictures when he kisses me on the cheek. Then he says,

"Now you kiss my cheek!"

I blush like crazy. I do as he says but at the last second he turns his head and kisses me on the lips. I felt like it was the fourth of July. At first I was shocked, but then I kissed back. He pulled me closer, and I ran my hand, that wasn't holding a camera, through his amazing hair. I was like silk. We broke apart and I slid down the side of the building shocked. He stood there and was just as shocked as I was and finally he said.

"I'm sorry. You are in a relationship aren't you." He says looking at the ground.

"It's ok. And no, I'm not." I smiled weakly back at him. He lit up and flashed is perfect smile

"Good. So In that case, you wouldn't mind going on a date with me tonight?"

I must have looked like a retard sitting there with my mouth gaping open. He chuckled, and said.

"I'll take that as a yes."

I nodded my head slowly and forced these words out.

"We should go back inside."

"Ok." He said, extending a hand to help me up. When i got up, he put his hand on the small of my back and guided me back inside even though he had no idea where he was going.

He changed back into his clothes and came out of the dressing room and kissed me on the cheek. I'll pick you up at 6:30. Ok?" He whispered into my ear as he grabbed my phone out of my back pocket. He put his number in and gave it back to me.

"See you then." I said with a sweet smile.

"Bye, Trish." He said. and that was the end of the perfect photoshoot.



**A/N I hope you liked the first chapter! I can't wait to write more! favorite and Comment! :) Kik me with any ideas at tahlimoo. xxx**

~Tahlimoo xxx

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