My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


23. Whoa is it him?

Brent's POV 

I couldn't look up, she wasn't doing anything. I played with my fingers. How could I have been so ignorant. Why didn't I stand up for her while I had the chance. All of this could've been avoided. I looked over at her, if only she knew what I was doing to her. I sighed, "We should get going." She nodded slowly getting up and looking around. I bet she remembers. But I can't let my feelings interfere now. I'm in to deep, even if I tell her and stop everything I lose her either way.

"But sir, I don't want to hurt her." I remember telling her dad. "You listen to me. You get me that thing, bring her to me, and do as I say." He grabbed me tight by the shirt. I gulped, I was scared out of my life. My mouth went dry and it was hard to speak. "Y-yes sir." I managed to get out, stuttering. "That's what I thought. Now message her and make her trust you. And if you go against me, I swear you won't live to see another day." His eyes were icy, his voice rough. Why does he want her here? She's better off somewhere else where she can't be hurt. And what's worse is that now I'm the one hurting her. 

She touched my arm and I smiled. Might as well enjoy it while I can. "Do you want some ice cream?" I asked pointing to an ice cream shop. Her face lit up and she nodded. I walked her over to the place opening the door for her. I laughed silently, "Get whatever you want. It's all on me." The way she touched the glass pressing her forehead against it made me think of all the things i'd be missing after all this is over. But before it does end I have one goal, one thing I need to hear, her voice. I walked up behind her pointing to various ice creams and just suggesting. "Excuse me sir." I looked up at the girl behind the counter. She winked, "Can I take your order?" I looked over at Jailene taking her hand, "Yes, you can take our order." She looked over at her friend rolling her eyes, then focusing her sight on Jailene. She looked uncomfortable, "What would you like, babe?" I asked smirking. She pointed to the strawberry swirl, her favorite. "She'll have the strawberry swirl and I'll have the chocolate chip cookie dough." I put an arm around Jailene's waist pulling her closer to me. "Cake cone or waffle?" She asked eyeing me. Jailene pointed to the cake cone. "Two cake cones please." The girl rolled her eyes and began serving us our ice cream. She handed me Jailene's first. I passed it to her and whispered in her ear, "Go find us a seat and I'll be there right now." I could see her cheeks get red and I laughed a little. She nodded and went to the end of the place and sat down licking her delicious icy treat. The girl handed me mine, "Here you go handsome." She grinned at me. I walked to the register and took out my wallet. "It'll be nine dollars and forty three cents." I chuckled and handed her a ten, "Keep the change." I smirked and started walking to Jailene. "Oh and." I walked back to the register, "Can you please stop staring at my girl like that. That's a major turn off." I patted the counter twice and walked away. 

Harry's POV 

"Harry where exactly are we going?" Louis whined as we walked through the streets. "Don't you remember anything? This is where we found Jai, isn't that right Niall?" I asked turning my head and looking at Niall. He nodded, "Yeah." He pointed at the bench, "That's where we found her." "Don't you guys just ever wonder what she's doing right now?" Zayn said glancing at Niall. I nodded sighing, "Think about it every day." I responded putting a hand through my hair. What was her dad's deal. He should've been happy that his daughter was safe. He has no business to be laying as much of a finger on her. I clenched my fists looking at the ground. Someone put a hand on my shoulder, I looked up and saw Niall. "I get how you feel. It gets to me to." He said patting my back and continuing to walk. "Guys." Louis said his voice sounding a bit shaken up. "What?" Niall responded fast. "Isn't that..." Louis squinted and lifted up his finger, and pointing to a man. "Jai's dad?" We all turned our heads fast and looked at the very familiar guy. "It is." Niall said not taking his eyes off of him. I wanted to go over there, and just punch him. Get him down until he tells us where Jai is. But something stopped me. If I were to go over there right now, demand where she is, then punch the crap out of him we wouldn't know what would happen to Jai. He's unpredictable. "What do we do?" Zayn asked looking over at Liam, his face shocked. "Nothing. We'll follow him and if all goes well we'll be led to the house. Then that's how we can start our plan." His voice was trembling, and I can tell he was as scared as Niall should be. I guess we were all thinking the same things. We weren't scared for us, for all I care he can beat me up right now. We're all scared for Jai. If she gets hurt, we all do. 

Jailene's POV

Seeing Brent sit in front of me, smiling, making funny jokes and telling me how happy he is to be with me made my heart race. How could he like being around me? Someone who can't talk for some weird reason. A person who can barely love people. A girl who doesn't know what she wants? But he does, he likes me for me I guess. He leaned over the table and licked my ice cream, "That's really good." He said laughing. I smiled and nodded. It's true it is very good it's been my favorite ever since I've been a little girl. "Remember when you used to come over my house? We watched movies and eat ice cream. You always had strawberry swirl and me chocolate chip cookie dough." He laughed. I laughed, or gasping for air.  He put a hand on top of mine, and searched my face. "I miss those days Jailene." Who can blame him? I miss them too. I nodded and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze, letting him know I felt the same way he did. I looked up at the cash register. Those girls have been staring at me for a long time now and it's not a nice glance. No, it's like you shouldn't be here get out kind of glance. "Ignore them." Brent whispered smirking. I smiled, he always knew what I was thinking sometimes I think he can hear my thoughts. But then again maybe he just knows me to well. 

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