My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


14. What now?

I didn't know what time I fell asleep last night so when I woke up I had no idea what time it was. I slowly walked out to the hallway and heard the guys breathing softly. Aw there asleep. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. 

"Freeze Ramirez!" I heard Niall say behind me. How did I know it was Niall? Well I could tell. I stopped and turned around. He hand his fingers in gun formation with a huge smirk. I smiled and stood still. I had left my phone upstairs so I couldnt say anything. He moved closer then in circles.

"Trying to steal my food eh?" He said standing in front of me. I nodded and walked to the chair. I sat down as he opened the fridge. He took out two juices and brought them to the table. 

"Well at this time i'm always awake and sneaking food." He said sitting across from me. I nodded in agreement. I popped the hole in my capriSun and drank it. He stared at me and I stared back. This is all so awkward now... He waved and I waved back.

"Hey Jai can I ask you something?" He said looking at the ground. I nodded slowly.

"Well that guy... Is he like. I know he's not your boyfriend. But like an old best friend? I saw how much fun you were having and I couldn't help but wonder." He babbled. I shook my head and opened my mouth. Nothing but air came out. I tried again but nope. Nada. Zero. He looked at me and touched my hand that was on the table.

"I know one day I'll hear that beautiful voice of yours." he said gripping my fingers. I smiled and blushed. Knowing that me talking was nearly impossible...

"Whoa! Sorry for interrupting!" Louis said making me jump. Niall kept his hand on mine until he noticed that I jumped. 

"We weren't doing anything Lou." Niall said looking from him to me. Not doing anything? Im pretty sure that was considered flirting. 

"But it seemed like you were getting a bit too friendly. Am I right or am I right?" Louis said not moving from where he stood. 

"You're left." Niall responded. I laughed a bit and looked over at Louis. He smiled then looked at Niall. 

"Don't Scare her Niall." Louis said making me smile. That was actually kind of funny. But Niall making me scared? He's too sweet for that. He laughed and looked over at me. He smiled and I smiled back. The bell rung and I looked over at Niall. 

"I'll get it." He said getting up. I followed close behind. Liam came down and rubbed his eyes.

"Who's here at 3 am?" He asked clearly still asleep. We all shook our heads. Niall opened the door. My jaw dropped. 

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