My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


20. What I need?

Jailene's POV

I stared blankly as he hugged me tight, a promise? I don't even know the real meaning anymore. What happened to actually keeping them? Promises meant nothing. I pushed him off and glared at him. "Don't you believe me?" I looked away. I could literally trust no one. But what if I was being a bit unfair? After I've known Brent for a long time. I shook my head slowly, almost regretting every shake. His mouth curved into a smile, "Are you telling me that you do believe me?" He said laughing a little while staring in my eyes. "You have your mothers eyes." His hands brushed against my cheek. "I'll hold you tightly and tell you nothing but the truth." He sang softly while he placed my head against his chest. I closed my eyes, I felt safe, wanted, protected. But always when I start to feel that way, something, always finds a way to ruin it. The door swung open only to reveal my father standing there grinning, "Brent my boy, how is this misfortune treating you?" I cringed. Misfortune? I shivered, almost like as if my body was responding to that word as well. "Steve, she's no misfortune." Brent said harshly. I smiled to myself, then wiped it off my face. He actually defended me? "She's treating me just fine." He said smirking at me then frowning at my father. "How could you stand that thing just sitting there in silence?" My father leaned against the frame of the door. "She's perfectly fine." Brent said turning to me, "I feel like she doesn't need words to express herself around me. I think we have a special connection that let's us communicate." He looked at me warmly. A smile tugged at my lips. "You." My father said pointing a finger at me "Treat him right." And with that he left the room. 

Brent's POV 

I looked over at Jailene, her brown eyes focusing on the floor. I walked over to her, "Don't listen to him." I said. I eyed her up and down. The feel of her lips still lingered on mine. I shook my head quickly, No Brent. I cleared my throat, "Listen Jai-" I began saying, but as soon as I looked at her and saw those tears my mouth shut itself. She wiped the tears then looked up slowly. I got down to her level and wiped her tears for her. I smiled a bit, "How about we get out of here?" Her head shot up as she looked straight at me. "Just trust me." I said leading her to the window. "You wait here. I'll go first so I can catch you and make sure you don't get hurt." I climbed out the window. I put my hand to my chest and breathed out. My fingertips hovered over the edge of my lips. She actually kissed me. I shook my head and looked up at the window, "Alright Jailene! Come down!" Her head popped out a little as she looked down at me. She out one leg out then the other. Cautiously she climbed down, "Jump down! I got you!" I said as she hesitated for a second. She finally let go and landed in my arms. She had her eyes closed and her arms wrapped around me tight. "My princess. You may open your eyes now." I said as the breeze blew her hair back. My mouth dropped open. She was beautiful, she opened her eyes and I stood there more amazed. "Oh sorry." I said putting her on her feet.

Niall's POV

My eyes wandered around the neighborhood. I kept seeing couple, people holding hands, smiling, kissing. Every time I passed someone I flash a little smile. I felt some eyes on me and every time I would look girl's would stand there smiling and basically undressing me with their eyes. The wind blew right in my face, it was quite chilly. I kept walking, looking, thinking. I walked into a strange neighborhood, one I wasn't aware of. I inspected the buildings from top to bottom. It seemed empty, almost abandoned. They were apartments not houses. Just looking at this place made me think of Jai. Maybe her house wasn't as run down as these, but seeing the rotten apartment, empty, sad, and heart breaking, made me think of how she sees her house in her perspective. I kneeled down and picked up a little flower on the ground. I stood up and looked around one more time. I walked back to the house, only slowly. I didn't want to go back but did I really have much of a choice? I shoved my hands into my pocket putting my head down. I walked past the bench, the bench were we found Jai. She was breathing softly all curled up from the chilly air. When we picked her up and brought her to the house she held on tight. Her face was beautiful, She's beautiful in general, but she almost looked like Snow White. Waiting for her prince to show up, kiss her on the lips, and take her to safety. "Niall? You alright there?" Liam said while the boys piled up behind him. I nodded and gave a little smile, "Just in need of some air, was all." I hopped up the steps. But was it really air what I needed?

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