My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


8. true selves

I was obviously missing something. One Direction? Sure were going in one direction. So what was this girl talking about. There were girls all over them. And they didn't do anything! If anything they were calm! This girl was all up on Niall. I couldn't help but get mad... Maybe because these girls didn't know them like that? Well whatever the reason was I was pretty peeved off. 

"OMG! CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?!" A group of girls were screaming at the boys. Since I wasn't visible I decided to walk away. I knew my way home so it didn't matter. I headed towards the exit. I remembered the times I would come with mom and Brent. I remembered all those fun times. I think I even have a picture of me and Brent and mom. 

I reached the house and opened the door. I trudged up to my room. I wanted answers. Who's One Direction? Why were those girls all up on Nial- I mean the guys? Why were they asking for autographs? I mean yes they are very attractive and I get it they might be the most good looking chaps I've ever seen. But that was going a little bit to far. My phone beeped. It was a message and it was from Niall

'JAI? WHERE ARE YOU?' He texted. I hesitated for a moment  but the I wrote 


I actually really didn't want to talk I just want to sleep. I flopped on my bed and I... I... zzzzzzz


I opened my eyes and saw Niall so close I jumped up and I hit my forehead againest Niall's teeth. I rubbed my forehead. 

"Im sorry Jai." He said. I waved my hand and continued to sooth my forehead. I sat up and saw that the rest of the boys were also in here. I smiled and waved. They waved back. 

"Jai? Do you really don't know who One Direction is?" Harry asked. There was no use in lying. I shook my head. I was locked in my room 24/7 so I only remember the oldies music like Justin Bieber. That was the last time I heard music of any sort. 

"One Direction is a boy band from U.K." Liam said. Wait are they telling me they are One Direction? 

"And yes were One Direction." Zayn finished knowing that was my question. They knew me so well! But didn't they get fustrated with me? Most importantly I was living with One Direction!! I smiled at that thought. Liam went downstairs but came running up quick.

"Everyone downstairs!" He said running back down. I followed him and so did the boys. Liam was on the couch with the T.v paused. Once he saw we were all here he pushed play.

"You gotta see this!" Liam said with a giant grin. I sat down on the love seat and Niall sat down next to me. We were watching the news. What could this be about? 

"Well today in Valley park there was an amusement park. Where we saw famous boy band One Direction! But there was someone unexpected lingering around with them. Here check it out." The News reporter said. The screen changed into a video. There Niall and ME?! The video was about me and Niall getting off the roller coasters holding hands! Then when Niall gave me the teddy bear! And when we toke a picture! The screen went back to the reporter she said

"A mystery girl huh? Could sexy Irish boy Niall Horan be dating this mysterious girl? Or could she just be another friend? Find out more tomorrow. This was Hot Spot." She finished speaking and the boys stared at me and Niall. I stared blankly at the turned off screen. 

"I hate rumors." Niall said looking at the boys then at me. I could take the rumors I mean we know their not true. There was only one thing I feared... What if my father found out... Not only I would be i trouble but so would the boys... 

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