My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


28. Those guys.

Jailene's POV 

"D-don't... you leave me too." The words sounded unreal in the air, just hanging there, ringing in my ears. I looked up to see if it was Niall that had said that. But it wasn't. I put a finger to my lips, I was shocked. My whole body was in shock. I had just spoken, this isn't real, is it? Niall was crouching down next to me, "Jai your voic-" "No!" I yelled after so many years of keeping, locking, putting away everything that was inside of me. "Brent!" I yelled so loud the paramedics turned to see what was happening. "Let me go." I told Niall. His hand had trailed up to my shoulder from where it laid on my arm. "Jai, please!" He pleaded. I stood up, tears tracing the lines that were stained on my face, "I'm not letting him go alone." I didn't wait for an answer. I looked back at Niall giving him a look that I, myself still don't know what it meant. I went into the ambulance truck where Brent lay unconsious. I couldn't feel my tears anymore. I grabbed Brent's lifeless hand and laid my head on his side. I sobbed out loud and the sound itself scared me. It was to much for me to process. The fact that Brent wasn't moving was the only thing on my mind right now. If I could choose to be in his spot, suffering, I would. It wouldn't be anything new. The road was bumpy, we were bobbing up and down. "I'm going to need you to back up a bit, miss." The man who was in the truck with us said. I did as he said while he checked on a monitor. "I-is he going to be okay?" I asked stuttering at first. I needed to act like as I've done this before. Like I've spoken every second of my life. I would do this for Brent. "I'm trying to get him stable for right now. All I can promise you right now is that we're going to try our best." His eyes were sincere, like he had all the sympathy in the world for me. "Please do." I said without thinking. I tapped my foot impatiently and as soon the doors opened Brent was pushed onto a stretcher and rolled into the surgery room. I followed as quickly as I could. I was pushed back by some nurses who shook their heads, "I'm sorry, Ma'am but you can't pass." I nodded and one blonde nurse, who smelled of cheep coffee and burnt cookies, showed me to the waiting room. It seemed just like yesterday that I was sitting here with my father, when he actually knew how his only daughter felt. 

"Jailene, everything's going to be okay." I was balled up in the chair, leaning on my dad. He rubbed my back, tears swelling in his eyes. "Mommy's going to be okay." His voice was different. It wasn't quite the same as it was when grandma had passed. His face said one thing but his voice said another. I chose to ignore, thinking he was just doing it so I didn't completely freak out on him. We were there for many hours. People would stand and leave or sit down and wait. It seemed almost like a lifetime when the doctor came out and addressed my dad. He got up and talked to him. I thought he was giving him good news because for a split second I swear I saw a smile form in his lips. "I'm very sorry for your loss." Was the last thing the doctor said and I felt the whole room spin. I didn't know what was going on for about 3 minutes only a distant scream. When I came to it was then that I realized that it was me who was screaming at the top of my lungs. Nurses crowded me, grabbing me. I remember one nurse yelling, "I think she's in shock!" I don't even remember blinking. But I do remember one thing, he wasn't the same after that day. 

There were two kids making so much noise when I came back into reality that everyone were glaring at them. I looked at their mother who was not in the best of shapes. I felt bad for her. Her hair was all messed up, her face showed wrinkles, but even in that shape she looked young. I sighed, running a hand through my limp hair. I couldn't wait any longer. Every time the doctor would come in my heart would race like it was about to jump out of my body. I put my head into my hands and breathed slowly. "You came in with Brent Collins, am I right?" At the sound of Brent's name my head shot up. I opened my mouth to say something but someone else beat me to it. We both turned to look at the lady sitting next to me with the twins on the ground. That's right! It's Brent's mom, Lilla. "I'm his mother." I stared at her half of me wanting for her to realize it's me. Little Jailene, the girl who her son met the first weeks they moved here. "Mrs.Collins?" I said, she always used to tell me to call her Lilla but I never listened. She turned towards me, eyes bloodshot and dark bags under them, "Jailene?" Her voice sounded pleasant and it reminded me of my mother. The doctor coughed indicating that he obviously had some important news, "Brent's condition is stable and he made it through the surgery well. Only one thing, he's in a coma. We don't know when he is going to wake up but we'll keep him here until further notice." Relief ran through my body as Lilla and I looked at each other. "Can we see him?" The man nodded, "Please follow me." Lilla stood up and straightened herself up, "Benry, Mike. Come on. Coming Jaliene?" I gripped the sides of my seat then finally sat up. I'm glad he's okay but I don't want to see him bruised up or hurt. We made our way down the hall into a room. I bit my lip and saw Brent exactly how he was situated in the ambulance. "Hi baby boy..." Lilla said barely over a whisper as she made 2 way to his side, caressing his hair. My lower lip quivered as tears stung in my eyes. I missed my mother so much it hurt. "Jaiwene?" I looked down at Benry or Mike. It was hard to tell which one was which. He had said my name wrong, couldn't pronounce it, I guess? "Is Brent going to be okay?" I knelt down and put my hand to the side of his face, sucking up my tears. "He's going to be okay. He's a strong boy." I smiled and pat his head, standing up. 

Niall's POV 

I had called the boys to come pick me up, but after my sudden outburst on them I wouldn't be surprised if they told me to walk myself home. "Don't worry Niall. We'll be there right now. Stay where you are." Harry said as he hung up. I let my phone hang loosely in my hand. Jai. Her face was frightened. Her voice was. Her voice was everything I imagined it would be. It shocked me to see that, that Brent guy made her talk. I was surprised that she had yelled. I shoved my hands into my pocket and waited for my ride to the hospital. She didn't even notice me until I had gotten close enough. At that moment my heart sunk it literally hurt to even look at her and just like that she was gone again, chasing after a guy who she even told me was someone she couldn't trust. Someone who hurt her. I closed my eyes and sighed, "What did I do?" I whispered i to the frosty air. "Well are you just going to stand there and beat yourself up now?" I heard Liam say. I looked ahead of me and saw the car, I walked towards it and gave a grin. "I'd rather have one of you guys do that for me." Louis looked in my direction, "If that's an apology then we all gladly accept it. Now what's the important and crucial news you need to tell us?" "I need you all to bare with me then as I explain this. Zayn, take us to the hospital." 

"Excuse me miss?" I asked a nurse who held a coffee mug in one hand and papers in another. "Could you tell us where the waiting room is?" She smiled a small smile as if to say, you're clearly bothering me, and pointed to double doors. We all pushed our way into the waiting room and sat down. Everyone was silent but what could you expect from people when it's almost 4 am. I didn't really know if Jai was still here but I was hoping for it. "Jailene, thank you so much for well basically helping Brent and bringing him here." My eyes widened and the hope I had grew bigger. The boys looked up, as did I. "It was no problem. I'll get going now. I'll be back tomorrow for sure." The lady, she looked like Brent's sister, gave Jai a quick hug then turned and made he way back where she came from. I stood up, "Jai..." I was standing behind her when she turned to look at me. Her arms wrapped around my neck as she crashed herself to me. "Niall," Her voice was a whisper. I snaked my arms around her waist and shoved my head into her neck. I never want to let go. When she said my name, my whole body shivered and goosebumps formed all over my arms. She pulled back and looked into my eyes. "I'm so sorry." She said swallowing back a sob. I shook my head and put a piece of her hair behind her ear. "Don't be." She let go of me and went on to hug the other guys. I couldn't believe that I had just had a conversation with Jailene. It was short but I can die happy. 

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