My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


19. There for me?

Jailene's POV 

There was a knock at my door, fear ran through my body. It couldn't have been him, he wouldn't have knocked. A little smile appeared across my lips. What if it was the boys? My heart started pounding. I got up and walked to the bathroom, I picked up a piece of toilet paper and  dabbed at my wrist. Again there was a knock, slowly I walked to the door. My hand hovered over the knob. I opened the door, my heart dropped. "Jailene." Brent said as he hugged me. I let myself be hugged. I knew deep down inside that it wouldn't have been that easy for them to come in. "Your dad let me in." He said as he made his way to the bed. My hand remained on the knob, I rolled my eyes as he said that. Dad, huh? I let go and sat down on the edge of the bed, not facing Brent. I felt his arms wrap around my waist, "I never stopped thinking about you." he said whispering in my ear as he pulled me closer. As a kid i would've longed for those words to come out of his mouth. I stayed still, It was like I was paralyzed. "I just want you to know that." he said in a husky, but hushed voice. Almost as if he didn't want him to hear. I turned my face towards him, staring straight into his caramel eyes. A small smile tugged at his lips. Maybe  I did long for Brent. He switched his view from my eyes to my lips. He got closer and I didn't stop him. "May I?" He crashed his lips on mine. As our lips moved in sync I felt a strange feeling in my stomach. I pulled back and as I did it was almost like I was back in reality. He stared at me, "Jailene I'm sorry I couldn't help myself." I shook my head. There was complete silence, but I didn't mind. I wanted his lips on mine. I wanted him to hold me closer. I gripped his shirt and pulled him closer. I pressed my lips against his and he didn't heisitate. I bit his lower lip softly, and a raspy moan escaped his lips. I smirked, pulling back. He stared back at me, "That was. That was amazing." He smiled as his body engulfed mine in an embrace. He stroked my hair, "I won't let anyone hurt you I promise." 

Niall's POV

As I laid on my bed, staring up at the ceiling all I can think about were the times Jai had smiled. "I wonder how you are." I said in a whisper. I closed my eyes, my heart ached. I wanted to cry, but what good would that be? She's probably hiding, restricting herself from everything. I remember the first day I saw her. The world stopped for a minute. It was only us two. A little picture flashed before my eyes. Her brown eyes looked lost, scared, painful, but most of all they were beautiful. I couldn't get enough of her gaze. It was almost like staring into a beautiful universe. Seeing her on the ground in pain made me worry. I wanted to there for her. I wanted to stroke her hand and kiss her forehead, telling her not to worry because I'm there for her. The rumors, oh how I wished they would come true. But we just met, it's not like a relationship was forming. "Niall?" Zayn said walking into my room and sitting on the bed. "Mhm?" I said looking at him. You can feel the tensity in the room. "Are you alright mate?" He asked looking over at me. I nodded, not wanting to speak because my voice might crack. To be honest, I'm not fine. The not knowing of how Jai is killing me. "We promised." I finally said in a whisper. "What?" Zayn asked confused. "We promised we would protect her!" I said raising my voice. I buried my head in my hands, tears were flowing out of my eyes. Zayn scooted towards me and put an arm around my shoulder, "Hey, It's going to be okay." I looked up with watering eyes, "Is it? Is it really Zayn?" I yelled breaking from his arm and getting up, walking back and forth. "How? How could we let this happen?" I sniffed looking at the ground. I tightened my fists, grabbed my jacket, ran down the stairs and out the door. 

Louis' POV 

I stared at the door and got up. Zayn came running the stairs. I put my hand in front if him, frowned and shook my head, "Let him go. He needs time alone." I said. Harry appeared behind me and put a hand on my shoulder, "Louis' right. He lost something important. I think he's trying to cope but he's just thinking the worst." Liam leaned against the wall and crosses his arms, "Hoping for the best, expecting the worst." He sighed and we all stood in the silence. "We should help him." Zayn finally said. We all nodded, "He doesn't want our help. He wants Jailene. But he won't admit it. 'It's for her health. I'm just worried.' He'll come up with things like that." Harry said staring at the door. "He's conflicted." I said sighing. "I can see it his eyes. Just mention the name Jailene and he gives a little smile and who knows what goes on in that head of his." Liam said moving to the couch and plopping down on it. "Truth is." he continued, "When I saw her my eyes were entitled to her beauty. I wanted to hug her, embrace her tight. Bu-" "But Niall beat you to it?" Harry finished smirking. "No, I could tell by those few seconds of silence when they both stared at each other." Liam laughed silently. "She changed him." I said smirking a little. Everyone nodded as we stared at the door.

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