My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


31. The paper

Jailene's POV 

I smiled as I lay on my back. The cold creeping up my spine from the grass. I inhaled the sweet earthy smell and closed my eyes. It smelled like the summers I spent in my backyard, the woods, the soccer field. All those summers spent with Brent. 

"What if we see a bear?" Mr.Collins said looking back at us for our reactions. At the time Brent was an only child. "Stop it dad! Me and Jailene will sleep in the car!" I nodded and showed a stern face. Lilla touched my back and smiled down at me, "Now we all know bears don't live in these parts of the woods. And if there was one we'll just throw down Jordan and run while he distracts the bear." We all laughed, even Mr.Collins. "Mr.Collins? Is this the spot?" I asked carrying my bag in both of my hands to give my back a break. "Hey!" Mr.Collins walked over to me and thumped me on the head, "Jordan. The names Jordan. If you call me Mr.Collins one more time I think I'll have a fit." Brent laughed as I rubbed my forehead, "Okay, okay. I got it!" That day was a fun one. Jordan and Brent tried to make a fire. Lilla and I sat down and laughed. "Let's show our ladies what we're made of, right kiddo?" "She's not my lady!" Brent yelled as we all laughed. "When I was nine I also had my first girlfriend so it's okay to admit it." Jordan slapped Brent on the back. "Oh yeah Jordan? I'd like to hear that." Lilla was smiling next to me giving her husband a look. Later that day, when it was dark and all you can see was the stars, Brent and I slept side by side. "I'm scared a bears going to come and attack." I mumbled to him once Jordan and Lilla's breaths were even and soft. "If that happens I'll protect you." He turned on his side, "You know to protect my parents too!" He fumbled. I couldn't see his face but I could hear his voice. That was all I needed to fall asleep with my hand slipped into his. 

"Earth to Jai?" Niall cooed. "Huh?" I jerked awake. Niall was so close I could feel his breath. "You feel asleep." He said getting up and rubbing his neck. "I did?" I bit my lip. I didn't mean to it just happened. He nodded, "Listen Jai, I need to tell you someth-" a phone interrupted him. I stood still waiting for him to pull out his phone to answer it, but when he doesn't I realize it's mine. I look at the caller ID and it reads 'Lilla'. I answer it; my voice breaking at the first syllable, "Hel-" I clear my throat, "Hello?" I try again. It's 2:23 am. What if something happened to Brent? "Jaiwene." It was Benry. "Yes Benry? What is it?" I stand up and I close and open my fist. "Jailene? It's Jordan! Sorry about Benry I mentioned your name and how I was going to call you and he decided to beat me to it." I sighed a sigh of relief, "You were going to call me?" Niall was shifting awkwardly. "Oh! Yes!" I fumbled. "Yes I'll be right over! Okay bye." I hung up and bit my lip, "That was Brent's dad." I said without Niall having to ask me. "Is Brent alright?" His response seemed forced. At the name of Brent I felt something wriggle inside of me, "Brent's stable but still hasn't woken up." "Then why did you say you'd be right over?" His ears were pink at the top. Now that I think about it I've been shivering for a while and Niall's jacket is lying where I was laying down. I picked it up and shrugged it, "Jordan wants to spend the night at the hospital. So he asked me if I could babysit Benry and Mike." Niall scowled, "It's two thirty in the morning. You're going to go babysit at this hour? Are you crazy?" I felt a pang of anger bubble inside of me, I inhaled. "Yes. I agreed to it and if anything I think Lilla's going to go crazy. She needs  her husband too." "For a girl who wouldn't say a word, you have an awful lot to say, you know?" The smirk on his face wiped the anger and for a splint second I forgot about how much I missed that smile. "Yeah I know. Now can you drive me there? Please?"

Niall's POV 

The keys thumped as I throw them on the bedside table. I grunted as I sat down to take off my shoes. "It's three in the morning. Where were you?" Liam asked coming into the room yawning. "I was out." I rubbed my abdomen. "And Jailene?" He asked concern in his voice. "She," I sighed and ran a hand through my hair, "went to go babysit Brent's brothers while his parents are at the hospital." I think about when I dropped her off. 

"You'll call me in the morning?" I asked before driving off. "Yes." "Make sure you lock all the doors and at least get some sleep." "Yes, Niall." She rolled her eyes and smiled, "I'll be fine. You go on home and I'll call you tomorrow. I promise." She put a hand on her heart, "Scouts honor." I laughed. "Alright. I'll see you tomorrow." And before I grabbed her and forced her to change her mind, I put the car in gear and drove away. 

"How old are these brothers of his?" Liam asked rubbing his eyes now. "About four or five. I don't know I didn't really ask." I sighed. Liam nodded and patted my back, "So what happened today?" I shook my head, "There's no way I'm telling you." I swallowed my pride, "Because she fell asleep and before I can say anything her phone rang and her mind was somewhere else." Liam's face softened, "Oh that's tough. But I'm sure they'll be more cuddling nights when she comes back." He smirked. "I'll wipe that smirk off your face! Come here!" But the truth was I did want her to have a nightmare or something so I can slip in her bed and comfort her but maybe I'm being to selfish. 

Jailene's POV 

With Benry and Mike sleeping the house seemed empty. It's been so long since I've been here. I walked through the living room, Brent and I always did our homework here; the kitchen, we would always fight over what to eat; dinning room, where his family and I would resolve things out after fighting in the kitchen; Brent's room, to many memories to name just one. I stop dead in my tracks when I see his door. I push the door slowly open. The smell of Axe greets me and I smile. He always liked Axe. Besides being messy it's safe to say that most of his room stayed the same. The bed is still by the window facing upward into the wall. The closet is still stacked with the millions of shoes Brent owns. The desk is still there too only now with a laptop and a few textbooks. I walk over to the desk and run a finger along the surface of it. I look up and see certain things pinned onto the board. Certificates, college applications, essays, and a old looking paper. I unpin it and stare at it. 

Brent Collins 

Period 3 



This Girl

Her name is a sweet sound to my ears 

Her scent is a sweet smell to my mouth 

Her touch is a sensation of thrills 

This girl is untouchable 

Her lips are something I want to try 

Her eyes are the things that brim in the light

Her voice is the warmth I feel on a cold winter day 

This girl is far away 

Her smile is impeccable 

Her laugh is a foreign language I'd like to understand 

Her personality is coded and locked away 

This girl trusted a boy 

From the moment they said hello 

To the moment he said goodbye 

This girl is the most precious thing to this boy 

But the girl is now unreachable


I was speechless. The air that circulated in my lungs was caught. I wiped my cheeks and looked at my wet hand. I didn't realize I was crying. 2011. He wrote this in 2011. That was the year he completely ignored me.  When I needed him the most; he wasn't there. I held it against him, I know that. I was invisible to everyone who didn't care and I was visible to everyone who made my life hard. I just needed Brent at that time. I gave up on school at the end of freshmen year. I never returned. I wonder if people even noticed. But that doesn't matter now. Who could he have been talking about? Or could he have been talking about me? He couldn't have been. As my eyes wondered around his room memories flooded my mind. "Jaiwene?" I set the paper down on the desk and turned around fast, "Yes Mike?" I touched his forehead as he rubbed his eyes. "I'm scared." I gave him a soft smile, "Okay, okay. I'll lay down with you." he grabbed my hand and led me to the room. I looked at the tv and saw that it was on, "Benry, Mike. What did I say about watching that movie? It's late." The light made everything visible. Benry, lip folded, laid down on the bed and I laid down next to him while Mike snuggled beside me, "Now it's time to sleep." I closed my eyes. "Brent gave me this." My eyes shot open at his name. I looked over at Mike. "He say it was give to him by someone loved by him? Sometin' like that." I laughed at his improper grammar and baby accent. For an American he has a soft accent. I looked at what Mike was clutching and I felt like all my hope came crashing down. Why, out of all the things in the world, did he have that? 

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