My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


11. Surprise

I was right about the misunderstanding with the whole me and Niall dating thing. Here we are sitting in the living room watching the Hot Spot. 

"Yesturday our sexy Niall from One Direction came out holding mystery girls hand. But is this enough proof that there something special? No but soon I think Niall will be off the market." The reporter said. She made me sick. She's making Niall sound like a doll on sale. Which isn't cool. I turned out the rest until I saw a picture with me and Niall. Is that really how I look from the side? All the boys teased Niall. I went upstairs real quick. As I walked into my room I heard some kind of shouting. Fans... I looked quickly and turned back. They were fans alright. They kind of scared me I mean I don't know much about the boys yet. They probably know everything! I walked out the door and bumped into Niall.

"Sorry." He said as he held me. I was about to fall back if Niall didn't catch me. I nodded and stood up straight. I decided it's time for some stalking. I smiled and went downstairs.

"Hey Jai." Zayn said smiling. I waved and smiled. I was in a good mood. When Niall appeared I couldn't help but jump a bit. Whenever I think about him my heart aches. I didn't realize I was staring. Liam elbowed me and winked. I looked at him confused. 

"Well Louis! Harry! Zayn! Why don't you help me you know move that... Just come with me mates!" Liam said walking up the stairs. I looked at Niall and he just smiled a bit. There goes my heart... What is this feeling? 

"They are so weird." Niall said laughing and smiling. Oh gosh... His laugh is so seducing. I nodded and hid my face. I don't want to drool like the first time I met him. I toke out my phone. Now where are some good websites? Google? Bing? Yahoo? I decided Google and as I opened it I heard Niall walk upstairs. 'Niall from One Direction's birthday.' I wrote as I smiled waiting for the results to pop up.

"September 13 1993." I jumped as I heard someone say. Niall it's gotta be. I turned around and yup it was Niall. I mean does he ever warn anyone that he's near? I started to turn red as he snatched my phone. He looked at me finally and smiled wider than usual.

"So uh why couldn't ask me instead of going into stalker mode?" He asked patting my head. He sat down next to me

"Well I'm going to give you my life story. I'm from a wee little town in Ireland called Mullingar." So he is Irish I knew it! "I have a brother named Greg. My parents names are Bobby and Maura. I had two fish once. They died due to being overfed. And my current status single." He said playing with his hair. Single huh... Well not for long. Soon a girl will come along and snatch him up. I mean look at him! Im a bit jealous... But whatever. Niall still had my phone and I wanted it back.

"Want this?" He said putting my phone in the air. I nodded and got up trying to grab it. He stood up and put it way up high. I jumped as Niall just stood there. I could hear my phone vibrate. I grew anxious as Niall looked at it. What if it was Brent? Niall lowered his arm and stared at me. I stared back imagining the worst. Finally he handed me my phone. Not saying anything he walked towards the door. I was scared to look at my phone. But why should I be? I mean he's probably exaggerating. I unlocked the phone and looked at the message

'Jailene.. I love you and even if you don't want to talk to me just know that. -Brent.' I can't stand him! Not one bit! He's lying. He's lying to himself! That's what's happening! He doesn't love me. He never did. He was never an actual friend! He used me.. He wanted popularity. He got what he wanted and that's the end. But the thing was I did like him... And no matter how hard I try one piece of me will always like me. But when I think about love Brent's face doesn't pop up. Niall's does.





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