My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


10. realization

I couldn't believe my eyes were they playing some dirty tricks on me? I blinked various times before opening it. I still hesitated a bit but I decided to open it. I read it and read it over and over again making sure I wasn't dreaming. I even pinched my self. I wasn't dreaming alright. The message read, 

'Jailene?! Is this really you? Oh gawd.. How long has it been? Why did you just suddenly disappear?! Please answer me! I want to talk to you again! P.s it's Brent.' 

No duh I knew it was Brent! I imagined him typing This his black short hair messed up and him repeating what he was writing in his super low voice. I still couldn't believe this! Brent messaged me! After so many years he still remembered me? It all seemed to good to be true. Almost to good. I read one last time before closing my phone. As much as I wanted to answer I couldn't. I don't know why I was getting over excited. It's not like Brent was anyone big in my life. Maybe he was but that was the past and the past is forgotten. I don't need Brent. My fingers were having a battle with my brain. Thank God Niall walked in! I set my phone on the desk and nodded at Niall. 

"On second thought we didn't find any. But we want to out to eat! Were going some place I like to call Nandos!" Niall said bursting with excitment. I love Nandos! Trust me I could eat everything from there! I nodded in response and turned back to my phone. Niall was behind me. I didn't notice him and I opened the message again. 

"He... He your boyfriend?" Niall asked making me jump. I shook my head really fast my head started to hurt. 

"Oh ok!" Niall said not realizing that he had said that with excitement and relaxation. I blinked at him blankly. He played with his blondish hair and laughed. I smiled and playfully punched his arm. He Sat down on my bed. 

"So who is he?" He asked. No point in hiding it. I decided to tell him the truth

'HE'S JUST SOMEONE I KNEW AS A KID. I HAVEN'T SEEN HIM EVER SINCE HE BECAME POPULAR LEAVING ME. HE WAS MY ONLY FRIEND.' I typed I didn't shed not one tear. Mostly because Brent was old news. The fact that he wanted to talk to now made me even madder.

"Oh so basically he was a douche?" Niall asked me. I couldn't help but smile and nod. Brent was a douche! But whatever the past is the past. He probably didnt even notice I was gone until the popular phase faded. I left 3 years ago and no one noticed. I was invisible to them. I used to be popular but I don't know what happened. 8th grade everyone loved me but 9th grade no one knew I existed. But what could I do about it? Nothing just sit and wait until I graduate. But I wasn't able to do that either. 

"Jai your an awesome person. Don't let people like him put you down." Niall said and he was right. I have more than I could ever want right now. 

"Now go take a shower! Were going to leave soon and i'm hungry!" I smiled and walked over to my shower. 

-Niall's POV-

Even though Jai can't speak I know she would of had a beautiful voice. Of course I will find out one day. I'm determined to! As I walked across to my room I couldn't help but think this Brent guy is holding the key to Jai's heart. The way she looked at the message made me think. What am I doing wrong? 

"I know you like her." Said my closet. The voice was coming from my closet. I opened the door and out came Liam.

"What are you talking about?" I asked. Liam narrowed his eyes at me.

"I know you like Jai. The way you stare at her. The way you look deep into her eyes. Niall you have a bad case of love my friend." Liam said putting his hand on my shoulder. I don't stare at he do I? 

"You don't know what your talking about lad. Me and Jai are just friends." I said looking at Liam. Liam shook his head.

"Not for long." He said walking out my door. I don't stare do I? 

-Jailene's POV-

I got out the shower. It feels nice not having sticky stuff in you. I felt free to move. I walked to my closet. I decided to go with a blue shirt and black pants. I picked my avengers converse and toke them back to the bath room. It was cold and I liked the steam. I slipped on my clothes and tied my shoes. I brushed my hair pinning my bangs back. I walked down stairs and headed for the refrigderator. I pulled out a juice box and sat down on the couch. I sipped my juice as I stared at the window. I saw a women running with her dog. The women had been so tried she stopped. The dog barked loudly. I waited and waited when I felt hands on my eyes. I automatically knew it was Niall. 

"Guess who?" Niall said. Yup it was Niall. I knew that voice anytime anywhere. But still I had no way of answering him. I put my finger to the back of his hand and drew a N. Niall stood there for a while then eventually let go.

"Good job! Sorry I wasn't thinking!" He said laughing and smiling. I couldn't stay mad at him. Not now not ever. I waved my hand and smiled playfully punching his arm. He laughed some more then went to the kitchen. I followed partly because ran out of Juice. I opened the refridgator and Niall toke the last juice box. The last one! He knew I wanted the juice so he sipped it infront of my face. I stared at him then snatched the juice box from his hands. He looked at me with his mouth open. I gulped three or four times before handing it back to Niall. There was barely enough for one more sip. He sipped it and then threw it at the garbage can which made it. I put my hand up and he high fived it. We walked out the kitchen laughing and smiling.

"The lads drag." He said rolling his eyes and sitting on the couch. I sat down next to him and there was an awkward silence. The he spoke

"Jai? Where do you live?" He asked. Well that was irrelvent. I  blinked blankly for a second then popped out my phone.

"Where I used to live? Well like four blocks away from here." I texted and sent it to him. He looked at it and smiled. I smiled back. He toke out some headphones. And passed them to me. I turned my head to him but he just stood there handing me the headphones. I toke them and held them in my hands. 

"Put them on." He said. I stuck them into my ears and just stood there for a while. Then a blast of music started filling my ears. Catchy music. Who was this? I really liked this music like no lie. I nodded my head up and down and tapped my foot. This song makes me feel good about myself. It says That's what makes you beautiful talking about the girls and what we think are our flaws. I smiled and thought in my head I don't wear make up. I turned to Niall and he put a thumbs up with a questioning face. I put up my thumbs and continued to listen. Have I really been missing out on good music?! The song ended and I pouted.

"I see you liked it." Niall said laughing putting my frown upside down. I nodded and pouted some more. He ruffled my hair laughed

"Jai that was us singing. How did you like it?" Niall said messing up my hair even more. I started flapping my hands up and down and jumped up. Niall stared at me and smiled real big.

"Im guessing you loved it?" He asked as I nodded my head various times. He laughed and got up

"C'mon the lads are coming." Niall said handing out his hand. I toke it and he lifted me up. As Niall said the boys came running down. I wanted to know more about One Direction. You know how it all started? Why they are so cute together? We walked out the door and there were a Kim Kardashian butt load of people.

"ONE DIRECTION!" They were screaming at the top of there lungs. I stood there amazed.

"AH THERE'S THE MYSTERY GIRL!" One girl screamed. There was silence then a rippling roar again. I caught some words like 'Pretty.' but then there were words like 'Slut.' 

"Niall's mine! And this slut is all up on him!" This girl said right in front of my face. I stared at her and just walked back into the house. I can't wait for the news again. I was at the third step when the door opened and closed. I walked faster but Niall was already behind me grabbing my hand. He spun me around and I stared back at him. I swear we had a moment! and it was beautiful! 

"Listen there just mad. But it's any because they love me. And Im guessing they don't want me to get hurt? I don't know how girls think. But I do know you can't stay mad. Because your a strong girl." He said gripping my hand tighter. I stood there dumbfounded.

"And because you know you loove us!" He said extending love. It's true I did love them. I smiled and Niall laugh

"There's the smile I wanted to see! Now c'mon!" He said still holding my hand and leading me outside. The fans were silent when we came out. Still hand in hand he lead me to the car. Did he know that we were still holding hands? This would just lead to more misunderstandings.

"Aw! There so cute together!" A person said. I smiled and hid it. Niall let me go in first he waved and we were off.


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