My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


6. new living style

I know most girls would kill to live with 5 guys. But it's not all it's cut out for. I mean you see some pretty weird things. The other day I walked downstairs it was probably 9 am and I saw Harry naked. Like completely naked! I mean whoa! Then another time I came down at like 2 am and I saw Niall sitting on the floor with the refridgerator open. Of course I went down for a reason. Well obviously to eat! I just walked up quietly without disturbing Niall. Well anyway, My talking situation hasn't gotten better. I still don't talk but the Iphone Liam got me is a huge help! I don't have to keep writing things on paper. 

I got up and jumped on my bed. When I flopped down I noticed I Had a new message. I opened it. It read: 


It was from Niall. I got up and walked across to his room. I stood in the doorway. I was completely fine the doctor said I could start playing sports again! I stared at Niall.

"Oh your here. Come in." He said patting his bed. I was still in my pjs. Extra short shorts and a tank top. I had gotten used to them because mostly everything in my closet was sleeveless. Well played Louis. I pulled out my phone. 

'VAS HAPPENIN.?!' I typed. I must admit I learned from the best! Mr. Bradford bad boy. I smirked as Niall read it. Niall smiled wildly and stared at me. I lifted one eye brow and stared back at Niall. 

"Now Lads!!" Niall screamed as the other 4 come out. They were hiding something behind their backs. I tried getting up but Niall was holding me down. Water. I felt water cover me as I looked at Liam. The most innocent stared at me and smiled. Niall had me pinned down. He inlaced his hand into mine. I tried with every bit in me to take him off me. But this little Irish devil boy was throwing every bit of weight on me. I smiled as Niall little by little started losing force. I Leaped up and headed downstairs. I was followed by the boys who were now throwing quite frantically the water ballons. I was soaked by the time I reached the bottom of the stairs. I ran and hid behind the couch. Since it was so quiet I peeked my head out and there was no one there. I sighed or as it seemed sat up straight then slouched. I heard snickering behind me. Scared of what might they do I looked up and Niall was there with a huge bucket above my head. 

"Ok Jai time for a bath!" Niall said as he dumped the water on me. Cold cold water! I stood up and flapped my hands down releasing the water from them. I smiled at them and walked towards them. They were already in a circle and waited for me to enter in the middle. I walked to the sofa first. Knowing something like this would happen I had a couple of water ballons of my own. They didnt notice as I entered the middle of their group hug. I pulled out water ballon and dug my nails into them. Water popped out and landed on each of the Boys! SCORE! They laughed as I ran up to my room. I forced all my weight towards the door. But 5 againest 1 was no match. I was pushed with the door. 

"Jailene!" Louis said. When he said my full name it was clear that he  had something in mind. I was hiding behind my door I was facing the wall. I felt strong arms wrap around my waist. Niall's arms. 

"Hah! Found you!" Niall said as he put me over his shoulder. I started kicking my feet and pounding my arms but no use. I had a huge grin on my face. Niall threw me over to Liam. Who caught me barely. 

"Whoa I got you." Liam said putting me down on my feet. I walked out the room watching as the boys mouths dropped open. 

"Think shes mad?" Liam asked.

"No she's Jai!" Niall said laughing. I walked into Nialls room where I had left my phone. I unlocked it. The cover photo was of me and the guys. Liam had taken it so he was infront. I was next to him and Niall was behind me. Zayn and Louis were next to Niall. Friends... I didn't have friends. I had 5 best friends! I smiled and walked into my room. I wiggled my phone infront of the guys. 'Ooo's' echoed the room. Basically this was my new living style. And I enjoyed it very much. 

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