My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


3. New home

I had no way of telling him. I tried mouthing 'Jailene.' Or rather I tried saying it but all that came out a wheeze. They were staring at me and so I got up and started pacing up and down. I stopped in my tracks and grabbed a paper and a pencil that was on the desk. 

'JAILENE.' I wrote while the boys were behind me trying to see. I picked up the paper started showing the boys.

"Jailene!" Harry said in excitement. I nodded

"Why don't you talk?" Louis asked as Liam shoot him a look.

I picked up the pencil and started to write

'LONG STORY SHORT I DON'T SPEAK. AND I HAVEN'T FOR A VERY LONG TIME.' And I showed it to the boys. They way they followed the paper one side from to another made me laugh. Even if I laugh no noise comes out. 

I started to laugh or as it seems grasping for air.

"Are you ok?!" Niall asked wided eyed. I couldn't help but laugh even more.

I began explaining 

'I WAS LAUGHING... LOL xD' I put down the pencil and showed it to Niall. He turned pink as I showed the other boys. "Well c'mon Jai!" Jai?? I liked that nickname! Zayn led me downstairs. He sat me down and disappeared into what I think was the kitchen? 

moments later he came back out with bagels, Orange juice, waffles, milk, berrys, and bananas. My stomach growled. That was a lot of food.

"Lads Foods ready! Niall you better come down fast. Jai looks anxcious to start eating! There wont be any left for you!" 

The first one down was Niall. He was still in his boxers as he sat down next to me. Oh man wheres that paper! I had something I wanted to comment!!

"I love refridgetor food!" Louis said as he sat down.

"Here you go Jai. Dont want to let your thoughts go to waste now can we?" Liam said handing me the paper and the pencil. I smiled and nodded.

Now that we were all seated we could finally start eating! I was starving! 

"Ladies first!" Zayn said motioning me to get something.

I thought about it for a second and then a grabbed a waffle and placed it on my plate. They were staring at me. 'What?' I shurrgged. 

"Hurry Jai! Im hungry!" Niall said with pleaded eyes.

I looked at all of them then at my waffle. I bit into it. It was so sweet and so fluffy! I gave them a thumbs up. They cheered and began eating.

"Yum!" Niall said smiling and looking at me. I smiled back but not for long.

"J-j-j-jailene!!" Niall screamed as he stood up. 

I held a hand to my side that was leaking blood out of my shirt. Blood stains... my dad had hit me various times yesturday... My eyes began to flutter. I stood up. My eyes closed shut and I was falling. Someone grabbed me.

"Jai!! You'll be alright I promise!" I heard some one shout.

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