My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


21. Maybe I was wrong

Jailene's POV 

As Brent put me down I felt my skin tingle. He provided me with such warmth, it calms me down. I shook my head looking at the ground. He grabbed my hand and entwined his fingers in mine. I stared at our hands, savoring every minute, every second. "Let's go." He says sending me a smile. I return the smile halfway as he leds me around the front of the house. Oh if we caught we'll- I mean I will get in so much trouble. "Don't worry if we get caught I'll make sure he doesn't touch you. I'll take the blame." I felt somewhat relieved. My palms started getting sweaty with every step we took. He opened the gate and looked at me ever so sweetly, "You first my love." he said laughing at the end. I walk through the gate and a sudden wave of happiness overcomes my body. Being out of that house, that horrible, rotten, house made me happy. I wanted to jump with glee if I could. Brent walked behind me and reached for my hand, "I can see you're already smiling." I nodded and looked around, enjoying every last bit of it, almost like as if I haven't left the house in years. It feels good to be out without the worry that my father will found out and practically beat me and anyone who isn't Brent. He grabbed my hand again only this time loosely. I looked at him and he had a far away look on his face. He looked almost guilty? I nudged him a bit. He looked up and flashed me a smile. When we were kids every time Brent had that kind of look on his face it meant something was eating him alive. He's not a bad person at heart, it took me some time to realize that. Around school while all the girls drooled over his messy hair, muscular build, and gorgeous smirk, every time I would catch him looking at me across the lunchroom he had the same guilty look on his face. After all, after the accident I was the freak. I removed myself from the others. I knew that people were just trying to help, but after a while of not budging, of staying silent, they turned on me. Brent included. During those times, when I would catch him looking at me, I begged deep down inside that he would come up to me and hug me. But he was just to clueless, engulfed by the great buzz of being popular, star athlete, and undeniably handsome. "Jailene?" He asked searching my face. I smiled knowing that, that was the old him. Maybe he has changed. He continued to walk while I followed beside him shoulders bumping at times. "I like coming here around this time." He says, looking straight ahead. I stand by him giving his hand a reassuring squeeze. "It reminds me of a time where I was most happiest." He glanced at me and I focused my sight forward. He gave a tug to our hands, "C'mon I want to show you something." He said smiling, walking again. 

Niall's POV

When I plug in headphones in it's like I shut out the world, forget about any problems, and just relax. I put my headphones on and click the play button. Bon Jovi's 'Dead or alive.' starts to play, as I lean against the frame of my bed, sit up straight, and close my eyes. But, only the world doesn't shut out, I don't forget my problems, and I absolutely cannot relax.  So I just sit there listening to the music and think. Lately all I can think about is Jai. No surprise there. For all I know she can be suffering from severe injurings again and I'm just here not doing anything to save her. Liam's been cooped in his room thinking of ways to contact her without actually contacting her. The thing is we don't even know where she lives. That day her father came for her was a total unexpected turn of events. But something deep down inside me is saying, 'Don't worry. She's fine.' But can't blame a guy for worrying? Instead of worrying I tried to focus on what I'd tell her when I see her. Will she be mad? Will she be hurt mentally that she won't even be able to look at us? A noise broke into my thoughts, "Niall! Come down here!" I heard Zayn yell from downstairs. I took off my headphones and slowly walked down the steps. "What's going on?" I asked staring at the boys as they were sitting on the couch, all staring back at me. "I think I have an idea of how to get Jai back." Liam said. My eyes widened and my heart skipped a beat. I sat down and with my hand motioned Liam to keep talking.


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