My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


30. Let me have you for tonight.

Niall's POV 

I rammed my fists into the floating punching bag that was being held by a chain. "Okay I can see your sudden anger taking over." Logan, my boxing trainer and good ol' friend, said chuckling. "Not," I huffed and hit it again, "Anger. Just motivation." In the corner of my eye I can see him smirk. I backed up and kicked the bag with all my force, making it do big circles after my interaction with it. "Whatever this motivation is, it's working." I shook my head at the emphases around motivation. Being at the gym helped me calm my nerves. "Let's take a break, Horan." Logan said nodding to the bench. We sat down and I chugged down my water. "So what's going on?" He asked adjusting his gloves. "Nothing, why?" I asked back at him. I watched the 14 through 15 year olds try to even move the bag. "You haven't been in here months. When you do it's either you're really mad or just plain bored."  I laughed at his theory, mostly because he was right. I was only here because I was angry. "It's a long and difficult story, Logan." I said staring at the kids and laughing. "Hey you don't want to tell me it's cool. Just know that whatever it is, you'll find a way to be happy in the end." I looked him in the face, "Thank you Dr.Phil." He punched my arm hard and got up, "Jeremy! That's not how you do it! Put some force into it, will you? I have to go show these dweebs how it's done." I nodded. It must be nice to show these kids how to defend themselves. Most of them are scrawny, but seem to have a good willpower. All they need is confidence. Just like I need it. Confidence would be nice, I wouldn't have to worry about being shoot down by the only person who matters right now. But she's with him, that kills any confidence I ever had. "Hey, Horan!" I qheard Logan shout from across the room, my head shot up. My mouth fell open at the sight of long brown hair, "You have a visitor." Logan was smirking at me as Jailene made her way to the place where I stood. "Didn't know you were into boxing." She said as her fingers touched the punching bag. I shuddered at her voice, it still gets to me, how beautiful her voice sounds in my ears. "There's a lot of things you don't know about me." 

My abdomen burned as I got up, "223..." I grunted, keeping count of how many sit ups I was doing. But my mind kept crossing over to the fact that Jailene had been at the gym, watching me. "You know it's okay to take a break right?" I shot up at the sound of Jailene's voice. "Oh, I didn't see you there." Finally feeling the pain oh shooting up quickly, I grunted. "Here I brought you some water." I caught the bottled water as she smiled and sat at the edge of the bed. "Thanks." I gulped it down. Water is just what I needed. "No problem. Though I got to ask you something." I nodded, wiping the swear off of my forehead. "If we just came home from the gym why are you exercising again?" I could feel her gaze on mine and it filled me with warmth. I cracked a smile and looked at her, "Well because it's not like one day I'm going to wake up with this six pack." I lifted up my shirt and laughed, "You need work to get these babies." She rolled her eyes playfully, "Oh please!" I shook my head at her, "Well let me see you do sit ups, come on." She grunted as she made her way to the space in front of me, laying down as her shirt rolled up a little. I tried not to look, honestly I failed, but my eyes kept finding their way back. "Okay now put pressure here." I put my hand on the small of her back, "Now push yourself up." It was a swift movement, the air smelled like earthy body wash, "I," She panted, "can't." I smiled at her as she plopped down, sprawling her arms against the ground. "Yes you can. You're just not trying." "I'm trying hard enough." Jai bit down on her smirk. I shook my head and looked at her face. "What?" She said staring back up at me, "Do I have something on my face?" The air between us was tense. It was filled with mixed emotions. I couldn't tell whether they were hers or mine. I caught myself from bending down and kissing her plump lips, but before I can stop some words forming in my mouth, words i've wanted to say for a while, they were already out. "Let's go somewhere." She looked puzzled. "Just you and me. It'll be help you clear your mind." I added as I sat up. Jai out stretched her arms indicating that she wanted me to life her up. I grabbed a hold of her palm and pulled her up.

Jailene's POV 

I bit my bottom lip hard. I could taste the metallic taste of blow flow into my mouth. It wasn't a lot but it was enough to make me wince. "Uh..." I could feel Niall's eyes bore in me. "Sure why not?" I said. I meant to tell myself but I guess I blurted it out. I thought I saw his face light up, but if it did it only lasted a second, then it was gone. "Come on then." Niall grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the door. Here I was; going somewhere to have fun, while Brent is suffering. I should be by his side, comforting him. Or at least offering my help to baby sit Benry and Mike. It's the least I can do when my boyfr- Brent is hurt. 

I stuck my hand out of the window as the air hit against my hand and face. The sky looks so pretty from here. "Don't tell me you regret coming out with me today." Niall joked. I turned my head towards him and gave him a smile, "Why? Are you going to make me regret it?" He shook his head and didn't take his eyes off the road; I can't quite explain why I want him to look at me. "You won't regret this. I promise. Scouts honor." I snorted and quickly covered my face. How lame can I get? "Did you just?" This time he glanced at me. I hid my face, "I don't know why that happened." Niall reached for my shoulder, "It was adorable." I smiled. Brent. I shook off his hand and stared out the window. "Did I say something wrong?" I could hear the worry in his voice; like he's trying to keep it steady but why should he? "No. I'm sorry. No. It's just," I took a deep breath. This is Niall I should be able to tell him. I've trusted him with other things, "I'm worried about Brent. He's been unconscious for 2 days. I just don't know how I should about his situation. I don't think I know how I should feel at all. It's my fault he's in there yet there's nothing I can do for him besides sit with him and wish, with everything in me, that he'll wake up." "What is he to you?" Niall asked with no hesitation. It was a quickly reply; the car was parked. It was dark to tell where we were or maybe that's my excuse for not trying hard enough to make it out. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Exactly what I asked. What is he to you?" His voice was rough. He didn't mean it in that way. I hope he didn't. "He's..." What do I say? A childhood friend? A good friend? My boyfriend? My tongue couldn't wrap around the word 'friend' and it couldn't handle saying the word 'boyfriend' either. "He's someone I care for." I said. Niall looked at me, his knuckles growing white from gripping the wheel. Is he mad because I call him my friend? "You're right. I'm sorry for throwing the question at you. Anyways, were here." He smiled at me and I stared at his face. There's something he's not telling me but it didn't matter because as soon as he got out of the car the moment was gone and so was my courage to ask him. 

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