My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


16. I've had enough.

The tears were hot and heavy in my eyes. I sat on my bed as the sun rose up. I couldn't stop this pain in my chest. I missed the lads so much. I missed their silly jokes and their beautiful smiles. All the memories were flowing uncontrollably in my head. Almost like the Nile river. Oh Niall. I missed his laugh and the way he would smile at me especially in the morning. I remember the first time I met him. It seemed like as if time had stopped and it was just him and me alone. My happiness didn't last long. I heard a huff coming from the room next to mine. He was awake. 

"J-jailene!" He said with a cough. I didn't move I stayed still. 

"Come here now!" He said as his bed creaked. I got up and opened the door. I saw him standing in his door frame. He motioned me to come towards him. I walked slowly towards him. He looked at me in disgust. He opened his mouth but then closed it. As I finally began to relax a bit he smacked me. This time blood splattered everywhere. This time he had hit me with his ringed hand. I stumbled and put a hand on my cheek. 

"Next time don't even think about leaving this house." He said smirking and walking back into his room. I didn't move. I stood there with anger and tears in my eyes. I've had enough. I didn't need this. All the pain and sadness. The feelings of not being wanted. I walked into my room and straight into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. Is this the life I want? To be abused? Nobody wants this life yet here I am living it. I'm tired. Tired of all this. I put my hand on mirror and shut my eyes. I clenched my fists. I didn't want this. Any of this. I smashed my fist on the mirror. Pieces of glass flung everywhere. I looked over at my hand. Blood and glass. Life shouldn't be like this. Maybe I would be better of gone. 

Niall's POV 

The bell rang. I got up to get it. I saw the boy with black hair. The boy whose name was Brent. 

"I got here as fast as I could!" He exclaimed while panting. I motioned for him to come inside. He looked up at me and nodded. He walked in and looked around. The other lads were sitting on the sofas. 

"Hello." Brent said scracthing his head and smiling awkwardly. I sat down and so did Brent. There was a silence throughout the whole flat. Harry nudged me and whispered in my ear, "Niall. Calm down. We all know she's yours." That honestly made me feel better. I sighed and fixed my gaze onto Brent. 

"So lad will you tell us where Jailene lives now?" Louis said losing his patience. Brent looked at us and then back at his fingers. 

"Well to be honest. I'm the one who helped her father find her." He said. My eyes widened. I could feel my hands getting a mind of their own. As I was beginning to get up Zayn grabbed my arm. 

"I'll take care of this." He said getting up. I looked at Zayn and laid back. How could he do this to her? I wonder how she is doing. 

"Did you know why she left? Did you ever wonder why she didn't tell that man why she left?" Zayn said. The look on Brent's face was priceless. Zayn continued getting closer to him. Brent just shook his head. 

"He told me that she ran away. That's all." He said swallowing. I glared at him. The only way I was gonna let this slip was if he told me where Jai lived.

"Where does she live?" Harry asked his voice raspier than usual. I looked around and then finally at Brent. 

"Why would I tell you guys?" He said as Zayn got so close that Brent felt the need to push him. Zayn jerked back. I got up and pointed a finger at him. 

"Tell me where she is now." I demanded. I was done playing games. I wanted one answer. The look in his eye told me that he was about to tell me. 

"Fine I'll tell you. Just don't tell him that it was me who spilled." I smiled and sat back down. As Brent told us her address I couldn't help but think about what I was going to say. Liam saw the nervous look on my face and threw me a smile. I smiled back and relaxed a bit. But then it hit me. Where we just going to show up on her doorsteps and demand for her to come with us? What about that man. He took her and I don't think that he would want us to take her back. 

"I reccomend you make a plan first." Brent signed and continued, "That man is dangerous. Ever since Jailene's mother died he was never the same." I looked at him. 

"What happened to Jailene's mother?" I asked trembling. The boys looked at me then back at Brent.

"She didn't tell you?" He asked running a hand though his hair. We shook our heads.

"No. She can't talk and we never asked her how she died." Zayn said trying to sound sincere as possible. Brent burried his face into his hands and when he looked up his eyes were red.

"She was murdered." Brent said looking at the ground. I didn't know about the other lads but my heart sank. She was murdered? By who?


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