My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


4. Hospital

Even though I couldn't see anything but darkness I could hear things. Their was pacing and voices. Well no duh there has to be noises. 

"She's in really bad shape..." I heard someone say. I was assuming it was the doctor. 

"Can you tell us exactly what's wrong." I heard someone say. Maybe it was Liam? I couldn't tell. I mean I had just met them 20 minutes ago.

"Well. She has a few fractured bones in the rib cage. Her arm is almost dislocated. Whatever this girl went though must of been bad. She's knocked out cold." The doctor or as I assumed he was told Liam? 

"Well I actually don't know what happened Doc..." It was confirmed the guy was the doctor but was it actually Liam? And of course he didn't know what had happened I haven't told anyone. I mean I have no friends. Plus no family member would believe me and if they did they wouldn't do anything about it there just to scared.

"Well she hasn't woken up yet... and her heart rate is going crazy. She must of had some wild adventure that caused this. Please give the nurse your information right now so if anything happens we could give you a call." And with that there was a click. I suppose he closed the door. 

"My name is Liam Payne." So it was Liam. 

"If anything happens please call us right away!" Liam told the nurse. There was a silence then the door opened up again. 

"Liam how is she?!" I knew that voice. That angelic voice belonged to Niall.

"She's... Well she's I guess you can say alright..." Liam responded. Wow I Still can't believe this. I can't see anything and I can't move. It's like my body was on off. 

"I don't want to leave her but we have too... Visiting hours are almost over." Liam said with a tone of sadness. Well that felt nice... Having someone ACTUALLY care about me.

"Well actually only one person can stay in here all night... So I'll stay here alright? Just to be sure... You know that she is alright." Niall said. Of course I knew it was Niall his voice is a tad differant than Liam's. Wait?! Niall? Wanting to stay here? With me?! 

"Ahh ok I'll be back in the morning ok?" Liam said. 

"What? Calm down Im just gonna sit down and probably sleep." Niall said. Something was happening and I didnt know what but I was pretty curious. 

"Alright the lads look pretty intense. I better go and tell them what the doctor said. Louis is burried in his hands and Zayn just messed up his hair. He looks like he is about to rip out of his hair. We'll be back tomorrow. Promise bye." And with that the door closed and again it was silent.

"Hey... Jai... The doctor said you might be able to hear us. If you can hear me how about giving me a sign? Please Jai... Why didn't you tell me you were hurt? Oh well why didn't you write it out for me? Please a sign to know your ok..." he sniffed and as he sat down I guessed the chair squeked. 

"Im here Jai. Im here." Niall said as he scooted his chair next ro the bed. He gripped my hand tight. Even though I couldn't move I could still feel things. 

"Good night Jai." He said as he gripped my hand even tighter. I swear he could've pulled my arm off. He grip loosened as he fell asleep. He never did completely let go. But I decided to back to bed. The thing was how to? 

"Mmmm haaa muahh." Niall was mumbling. Cute. I breathed in and instantly fell asleep.

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