My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


2. hello

It was dark. Like very dark.. Where I live the street lights are out by 10. I continued to walk not knowing where I was going. Since I dont have a phone or any kind of fancy device other people have I had to guess by telling how much light was out. 3 or 4 a.m around those two hours. I must've walked for hours! But actually it was just for like 5 minutes. 

I know Im not very talkative in person but my mind is flooded with various thoughts that I never say. I guess you could blame the guy I call my father. 

I used to have everything. A perfect family, friends, popularity, sport champion. But I guess with one thing it all collasped. Three years I've been suffering abuse from him. Just thinking about it makes my side hurt. 

I gripped my side as I started walking unsteadily. Now I must of walked in circles because I was still 4 blocks  from my house. I sat down on a bench I was super tired. This isnt me.. The good Jailene would go back and face the consequences. But that Jailene was so tired that she doesnt care anymore. I must of dozed of because when my eyes fluttered open I wasn't on the bench anymore.

I rubbed my eyes. I heard noises. I got up and felt what I was sitting on. it was soft... This definitly wasn't the street. I stood up but my head ached and I had to sit back down

"Your awake?!" A unfamilar voice said.

I stared blankly infront of me.

"Behind you." 

I turned and saw a guy with long curly hair.

"How are you feeling?" He Asked.

I nodded my head in response.

"Don't talk much?" He asked getting up

I shook my head. Right then and there the door swung open. 

"She's Awake!!" another guy yelled. He also had long hair only he wore it in a beanie. He was also unshaven. 

"No way!" A voice said followed by loud crashing sound. 2 other guys walked in. One was rubbing his bum. He had black coffied hair. He was tall also.

the other one had kind of short light brown hair. They were very attractive.. almost to attractive... I couldn't help but stare at them all they had on were boxers.. Who wouldn't stare?

"I heard she's awake!" Another unfamilar voice said. Only this time the boy that came with the voice was beautiful. He had blondish blackish hair. The other 4 guys had british accsents but this one... This one had an angelic voice. Like as if he said one more world I would melt into a puddle right away. He had more of an Irish accsent. He also was wearing boxers... Now thats something I'd like to see everyday.

Wait? Why am I in a room with 5 guys?! I looked around frantically. I think they noticed. 

"Oh hi.. Name is Harry." The curly haired one said. I nodded.

"I'm Louis." The one with the beanie said and I again nodded. But I thought beanies were made for bad hair days? But he had perfect hair. Wait. Beanies and boxers?

My thought was broken into, "Im Liam love." The one with the kind of short hair said. He extended his arm. I shook it trembling. 

"I'm Zayn." He nodded and as did I. He had some perfectly stayed put hair. It blew my mind. 

I looked at the last one to introduce himself. He was looking at the ground. I stared at him. He's blue eyes made him irressitible.. I wiped my mouth I was drooling.. Omg im such an idiot!!

"Im Niall... Nice to err meet you.." He said. Looking at me then looking back to the ground.

They all seemed pretty nice. I waved. And they stared at me. 

"Uh what's your name?"


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