My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


5. figuring things out

I opened my eyes slowly... I struggled a bit because it felt like as if my eyes were glued shut. I opened my eyes just to find five boys staring at me. They were none other than Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis. 

"She's awake!" This brought back memories. I sat up with the help of Niall and Liam. 

"Hey how are you feeling?" Zayn asked as he handed me a teddy bear. I toke the plushy toy and hugged it. 

"Jailene." It said. My eyes opened wide. I looked at the boys.

"It was Liam's idea!" Harry said laughing. I laughed (grasping) also. I held the large teddy bear in my arms and yawned. 

"Your still tried? 3 days of beauty sleep didn't help?" Zayn asked snickering. Wait 3 days? No it couldn't have been 3 days. It seems like yesturday that Niall was sleeping on the sofa. I must of looked very confused.

"Jai you've been unconsicious for 3 days." Niall said staring straight into my eyes. 3 days? Wow... It seemed just like 1 day. But whatever. Right then and there the doctor came in. 

"Ah she's awake. I was just coming in to tell you the results. But it seems like we won't need them anymore. Well her bones are getting better. But she can't move very much. Were you thinking of taking her home?" The doctor asked. I had no say in this. Well actually I'd prefer staying in here. That would mean he wouldn't find me. 

"Yes sir." Liam answered politely. 

"Well I guess she's well enough to walk a bit but no more than 10 minutes at a time." The doctor turned to me. 

"And as for you no physical activity for at least 3 weeks. Got it?" I nodded in response. That means no sports. I pouted slightly but Niall still noticed. He smiled at me and turned back to the doctor. The doctor continued his lectures then left. 

"Alright let's go!" Louis said. Liam stopped him in his tracks. 

"Jai has to change. Everybody out!" Liam ordered. All the boys went out as two nurses came in. I guess to help me change. 

"So. Is like one of them your boyfriend?" The blond nurse asked. I shook my head. 

"Husband?" The other one asked. I shook my head even harder. They laughed and pulled my shirt off. One nurse grabbed the shirt I was early with the blood stain and stared at it. 

"You can't wear this! There are 5 cute ass guys outside! Here." She said going to a drawer and taking a tank top out. I don't like tank tops... never did. They show to much skin and plus I hate showing my breasts. I guess you could call me insecure. I tried protesting but of course I couldn't. I had no way to tell them no. I  mean unless I wanted to wear my bloody shirt. So I just went with it. As the other nurse pulled my pants on she was sure that she was careful. 

"There you go." They said in unison as they flung the door open and walked out. The blond nurse turned around and winked at me. Uh so not awkward. I put my legs firmly on the ground. My whole body shivered as a shocking pain went though my side. I winced.

"Let me help you!" Niall said. And I didnt even answer because he had already picked me up bridal style. I could feel myself blush. 

"You ok Jai?" Niall asked his face so close that I could feel his breath. I Nodded. The boys were staring as Niall carried me to the car. 


We arrived to the guys house. Niall carried me upstairs. The boys followed behind. There on the bed was the paper and pencil. I picked it up.


I wrote and showed it to them. I passed it to Zayn and everyone gathered towards him. They were so focused they didnt realize that I had gotten up and already had my bag. I was heading towards the door when I felt someone hug me from behind. I turned my head and saw Louis. I was kind of hoping it was Niall. 

"No Jai! Your no disturbance! If anything its fun to have you around! Pplease don't go!" Louis said with a frown on his face. I could walk just fine. I mean I've had a broken finger last time and I still did my daily chores. I mean it toke longer to heal but it was better than sulking and basically asking for another broken finger. I put my hands on my hips and walked towards the paper. 


The boys looked at it and smiled wildly. 

"You've got yourself a deal Mrs..." Zayn's voice trailed off. Oh yeah I never gave them my last name! I toke back the paper and wrote 

'RAMIREZ.' I know. I know. Such a white name but what a mexican last name. Well maybe that's because im mexican. 

"Ramirez!" Zayn finished. I smiled and nodded.

"First of all. I think we have to go shopping." Louis said with a giant smirk on his face. Oh no! I had no money! I toke the paper again

'I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY. IM OK WITH WHAT I HAVE.' I wrote and Handing it to Louis. 

'Psh! You said anything about you paying!?' Niall said as he toke my hand and led me downstairs. The boys were laughing and smiling. Why? Most girls would be all over them. But honestly I just wasn't all That interested. I mean yes there attractive but I Mean im just embarrassing. They are perfect like as if they are hand crafted perfectness and im just there. 


After going to litteraly more than 10 stores I was tried. Liam and Harry had disappeared and left me with Niall, Zayn, and Louis. Thats not a bad thing! If anything it was great! Not the shopping but getting to know the boys. Louis is as he said The Swag Masta of Don Caster and also The Sass master. And yupp both were true which made me laugh or grasp. Niall had offered to carry all my bags so I toke his offer. Inside all 13 bags were more clothes than I would ever need. Louis would just throw things at me and I would hold them. Then he would pile them up at the cash register. The costs of all 11 stores were OUTRAGEOUS! 

"There you go Jai. A full closet!" Louis said sitting down on a bench. I sat next to him and rested my legs. 

"Easy for you to say lad. You didn't carry it!" Niall said joking. I saw Liam wave from the top ledge of the mall. I waved and smiled. Harry and Liam came running down the stairs. 

"Here Jai!" Liam said panting. He handed me a present. I stared at him and smiled. I opened it and inside was a Iphone 4. This time I grasped for air. I tried say Thank you but nothing. I looked really weird because I was mouthing rubbish waving my arms from side to side. Finally I jumped at Liam. At first he was surprised but he hugged Me back.

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