My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


27. Don't you leave me too.

Niall's POV

"Brent." He said sticking his hand out for me to shake it. I stared at it for a while. As I shook the hand and pulled him up, he smirked. "Do you think this funny?" I asked trying not to sound as harsh as it came out. "No. Not one bit." This guy, he's not like I expected him to be. "Are you going to punch me again? Cause if you do at least give me time to prepare." He chuckled. I let out a grin, "No promises." Brent brushed himself off and laughed. "I think we can be good friends if we put all the punching behind us." There was a tug on my heart. Friends? That's impossible, he has something I want and I won't look past that. "Listen here Brent, you and I are two completely different people. The chances of us being friends is like you becoming a millionaire in less than 2 hours." I snapped. I won't let him be my friend. I won't let him have Jai. "I think we're done here." I said glaring. my eyes glued on his. "You're being irrational." Brent said. I couldn't tell whether he was hurt or confused. "I'm not being anything! Just leav-" I was cut off by a dark figure that appeared in front of us. I stood frozen in place. Brent's eyes widened as he turned to run, The mystery man following closely behind. He ran and ran not bothering to look back. I clenched my fists, "Shit." I ran after them, my heart was pumping hard. Adrenaline ran through me getting me hyped. Brent took a shortcut that ran through the alley. I tried to keep up but I felt like as if something wasn't right. Wait, that man. I know where I've seen him before. But no it can't be. Jai's dad? A sharp scream pierced my ears. Oh no. I ran faster towards the scream. My eyes widened as I saw blood run from Brent's nose. His cheek was open as was his lip. This wasn't my fight but I just couldn't let him be beaten to death. The man, Jai's dad, kept kicking and punching. Giving no mercy not even a second for Brent to brace himself. All I heard was the soft whimper come off of Brent's lips. There were soft footsteps behind me. My heart raced, what if there were more? I was ready. He isn't my friend but I won't him get beat up. That isn't me. I turned quickly, arms up, body ready for anything that might happen.

Jailene's POV

The blood was dark red as it dripped off of Brent's nose. I was frozen, I couldn't move. I didn't want to move. My eyes wandered to the side and I caught a glimpse of blond hair. He looked so familiar. All that was on my mind was Brent, I couldn't be bothered with anything else right now. The air was cold and tense. Not once did my father turn to see who was watching, not worrying if some sort of enforcement was there to stop him. There was grunting coming off of Brent's lips. I shuddered, how can I just stand here and watch? There was shouting, it sounded far away but they were screaming my name. "Jai!" I heard once I was pushed back into reality. I turned slowly, my eyes widened as I recognized the person. Niall. He ran up to me and hugged me tight. Tears threatened to leave my eyes but I couldn't cry... Not now. Silence, there was silence everywhere. I quickly turned to my head to see Brent. He was lying on the ground, coughing up a bit of blood, holding his side with such pain on his face. I looked around and saw that my father wasn't there anymore. He had run off, leaving Brent to probably bleed to death. I pushed Niall without thinking. My hands moved on their own, as did my legs. I could feel Niall's gaze on me as I stared at Brent. Brent twitched and grunted with pain. I ran over to him, bending down. My heart felt like as if someone had ripped it out and was squeezing it hard. I couldn't bare to see Brent like this. But why, why would he get beat up by my father? Was it because he talked to me? Did I do this to Brent? I couldn't think, the blood was oozing out and I was panicking. "J-Jai." He said in long breaths. I put my finger to his lips, signaling for him to stop talking. He lifted his arm up and grabbed my hand loosely. "B-beautiful, I'm o-okay." At the moment I let the tears fall. I didn't know whether it was because he called me beautiful or the fact that he said it with such gentle breaths it hurt to see him like this. But he wasn't okay. The blood was seeping out of his shirt now that was stained red. I put my arm under his head looking at him sincerely. I shook my head every time he shuttered. "I-i'm real-really sorry." My heart was split into two. I looked at his lips as they moved with every word that come out. I wanted to kiss him, to feel him on me. The way he grabs my back as his lips move with mine. Slowly, I pressed my lips on his, giving him a soft yet meaningful kiss. Basically telling him that I'm here no matter what happens to him. "I called the ambulance three minutes ago." A thick accent said from above us. I looked up. That's right, Niall. He was here, he hugged me but I was so wrapped up with this it didn't occur to me that he was actually here. His face was hard and he was looking past me, I guess he doesn't want to look at me. I nodded and looked back down at Brent; his shaking worse than before. "Jailene," he said in one full breath. "I wa-ant to hear t-that," He closed his eyes and gave a little smirk, even in a time like this, "beautiful v-voice of y-yours." We locked eyes and I felt fear, or was it nervousness, in gulf me. Every time he twitched with pain I felt the pain inside me go deeper. You can't leave me too Brent. The squeak of Niall's shoe made me glance up. He was turned with his arms crossed against his chest. Brent's request was something I can give him. But the question really is if I can do this for myself.  

Brent's POV 

I stared in those beautiful brown eyes. I couldn't feel my body any the pain. I was done working for her dad. He had broken most bones in my body but having Jailene hold me took away most of the pain. It was getting harder and harder for me to keep my eyes open. My body was shutting down. "I-I love-" The sirens of something like a police car or ambulance cut me off. I tightened my grip on Jailene's hand. She looked at me, her eyes had ambition in them. I shouldn't have asked her to talk. It was clearly eating her up inside. I just needed to hear her sweet voice. By the time people were crowding around us I thought I heard something. Something that sounded like Jailene. My heart jumped but then again I could be mistaken because after I thought I heard something everything inside me turned off and I blacked out. 

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