My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


13. C'mon C'mon

Was Brent trying to kiss me? I stood there with no feelings in my legs. I didn't want Brent to kiss. This isn't happening is it? He was getting closer.. I pulled away and his eyes sprang open. I stared at him terrified. He gripped my shoulder tightly and I Winced. 

"Jailene. What's wrong? Don't you like me?" Brent asked. I shook my head. I liked him but just not this way. He stared at me and let go of my shoulders and put a hand though his hair. 

"You should leave." He said not looking at me. I was more than glad to leave. I walked and as I did I heard voices. I crept behind a tree and listened. Yup it was the boys. 

"She wanted to kiss him!" Someone shouted. That voice was way to familiar. Niall I thought. 

"Niall calm down! She pulled back! You still have your chance!" Someone said calmly. I heard like someone move and I looked back. 

"I was being an idiot. Im sorry.." Brent said with a sad expression. I glanced at Brent then at the ground. I can't do this. I can't lie and say I don't like Niall. Maybe out loud but not inside. 

"I don't like her like that Liam!" Niall shouted. I turned and looked. Niall was standing with the boys infront of him. The boys looked past him to me. Niall slowly turned. I stared blankly trying to hide these roaring emotions. My heart sank. I felt like as if someone has ripped my heart out. I turned to look at Brent. He was looking straight at me. I grabbed Brent's arm and pulled him foward. I was walking really fast. I didn't want them to follow so I toke Brent and ran inside a store. 

"What's wrong Jailene?" Brent asked while he looked around the store. I shook my head and looked around. I kept looking out the window of the store to make sure they weren't lurking around. I finally turned to Brent and waved. As I turned to leave he grabbed my arm.

"Hope I can see you soon." He said hugging me tightly. I nodded and left. As I walked I kept thinking. What do I say when I get home? It's not like I can say anything anyway. I stopped as I reached the park. Those words were still in my head swirling around. 'I don't like her like that Liam!' I was being naive. Out of all the other girls he would never chose me. I was just imagining all of this. Should I wave and just go upstairs? Or just forget anything ever happened? I kept walking it was becoming very cold.  

"Your going to freeze out here Jai." I heard someone putting a jacket on top of me. I turned and saw Liam. I guess my emotion dropped because Liam smiled and said,

"Sorry i'm not Niall mate." smiling. I shrugged pretending that I didn't care. I pulled the jacket tighter. I sniffed because my nose was stuffy. I caught a little whiff of the jacket. It seemed very good! 

"You like the smell?" Liam asked walking beside me. I nodded and looked at the ground. 

"Well Jai that's Niall's jacket. But anyway.. The reason I wanted to talk to you was because of well... Niall's really sorry." He said looking at me. I looked up and stared at Liam. Why was my stomach turning? I shook my head softly smiling. Liam noticed and proceeded walking while kicking a rock. We reached the house and I stopped and inhaled. Liam patted my back.

"Just give him some time Jai." Liam said walking inside. Give him time for what? I kept thinking as I walked into the house. Louis, Harry, Liam, and Zayn were in the living room.

"Jai! Your back!" said Harry standing up and smiling. I waved and pointed upstairs. I was telling them that I was going upstairs. I walked up the first couple of steps and listened for Niall. 

Nothing. I walked up the rest of the stairs and stopped at the top. Now I heard that angelic voice. It seemed like as if he were pacing the floor. I panicked when I thought he was coming out. I slipped into the hallway bathroom and locked the door.

-Niall's POV-

What should I say? I have to play it cool! I walked up and down my room. 

"Yo Jai. I'm sorry." I said nodding up my head. Nope that was horrible.

"Listen mate I'm sorry," Now I sound like Liam. I needed something good. 

"Listen Jai i'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said." There! That one is perfect! I stopped and walked out the door. Right when I did I heard the bathroom click shut. I waited about five minutes then the door opened a crack. It was Jai. She saw me and opened the door. She waved and looked around. I stood up straight and opened my mouth.

"haha..." I said awkwardly as I ran a hand though my hair. She looked at me confused and I sighed.


-Jailene's POV-

What? What was he trying to tell me? He took his hand and thumped his forehead.

"Stupid. Stupid." He was saying. I stared at him and laughed. He stopped and smiled also.

"Sorry. But I guess I made you laugh! Pats for Patrick!" He said patting himself. I stood there and admired his smile. I nodded and walked towards my door.

"Wait Jai!" Niall said reaching his hand towards me. I turned to look at him and nodded. He played with his hair and looked at me. 

"I'm sorry.. For uh saying what I said." I stared at him and smiled. I promised myself that I would forget everything that happened today. I nodded one last time and went into my room. I closed the door and flopped on my bed. Why does my stomach ache? My palms are sweating. I was fine up until Niall talked to me. Why was I being self conscious

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