My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


32. an inch for a mile

Jailene's POV 

Megan Green. The girl who has everything. Perfect body, house, parents, and at times: personality. What does that name mean to me? Pure evil. A person who is so indulged in herself that she pretends others matter so they pay more attention to her. She's the school's 'it' girl. But there was one thing she couldn't quite get her hands on. Brent. The school's 'it' boy. That frustrated her more than anything. 

"Where do you want to go after school?" Brent asked as he sat across from me, his legs dangling so close to mine. I pushed them aside, "Move your gigantic legs! And no where I have soccer practice today." His eyes nailed into mine, "Then I'll just go with you?" He asked. I nodded and smiled, "Sounds awfully exciting." He rolled his eyes and moved his hair aside. It was growing out and he would complain it not being in his comfort zone, yet he doesn't want to cut it. "Why don't you just cut it if it's bothering you so much?" I reached over the table and fixed his hair. "I think Collin looks sexy with his hair like this." I recognized that voice anywhere. I looked up and came face to face with a smiling Megan Green. "His name isn't Collin." I frowned. Brent looked up at me and scooted away from Megan; clearly she didn't get the hint. "That's my nickname for him. Duh Jai!" I flinched when she called me Jai. "Don't call her Jai. Her name is Jailene and mine is Brent. Now if you don't mind we would like to enjoy our lunch. So i'm basically telling you to leave." I snickered and she shot me a dirty look that soon faded before anyone else can notice her true intentions. She got up and put an arm around Brent, whispered something in his ear and kissed his cheek. I don't know what she said or what he was thinking but that was the last time we ever had lunch together. The last time he ever came to soccer practice with me. The last time I saw Megan Green hover around me. 

Niall's POV 

The sunlight seeped through my eyelids and I opened my eyes. I yawned into my hands and looked at the clock. 9:23 am. Jailene's probably still sleeping. I rolled on my side and stared out the window. I thought about when I met Brent. I sighed and groaned, pulling the covers over my head. "Good morning sunshine." I kicked around at the remark. "Ay take it easy." Louis laughed. "Not in the mood." I responded. "Jailene called. Said she was going straight to the hospital." I shot up and reached for me phone. Dammit. She called and the phone was on vibrate. I pushed aside my legs, "Did she say anything else?" I ruffled my hair. "No, just 'Hey I'm going to the hospital. Niall didn't answer his phone so let him know.' Stuff like that. By the way, I'm in love with her voice." A smirk was placed on his lips. "Watch it." I got up and stretched. "Sorry. Didn't know you liked her." His hands made a quick up motion. "I don't." I stopped and stared at his face. He had bags under his eyes and looked like crap. "Anyways, what's wrong with you?" "Sure you don't," Louis started, "And nothing. I haven't been able to sleep lately. I don't know." I didn't believe him. Louis hardly sleeps, yes. But there he always has had an excuse for it not just 'I don't know'. I dialed Jailene's number while Louis walked out the door. It rang three times, "Hello?" Her voice was a little strained. "Good morning." I said. I didn't know how to ask her how her night was. "Good morning back." I laughed a bit, "How did it go?" There was a silence then she laughed. Jailene laughed. "It was fine! The kids slept like angels. I'm at the hospital." "I know." I answered to quick and harsh though it wasn't meant to sound like that. "He's getting better." She said. My ears perked up, "Who?" Well that was a stupid question but it was to late to throw it back into my mouth. "Brent," She answered, "He's getting better! He's responding to us. He moved his finger. The doctor says it's not long before he wakes up." I rolled my eyes, "That's great." There was no use in hiding my voice, she would probably think I'm still asleep. 

I put my head in my hands as the lads came around the kitchen table. Earlier Jai had said she was going to stay at the hospital and I wasn't in the mood to hear about Brent. "What's wrong with you?" Liam asked as he throw something that bounced off my head. "Nothing." I looked at the counter and saw a bagel. "You seem pretty mad." Harry interfered. I laughed, but it just came out hard and cold. "I'm not mad. I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed." I smirked at them. 

Jaliene's POV 

"Here you go." I smiled at Jordan, who handed me an orange juice bottle. "Thanks." Lilla, Jordan, Benry, and Mike were all sitting on the opposite side of the room. "What's the date?" Jordan asked, peering towards me. I lit my phone, "The twenty fourth." He snickered, "Not what I meant." I looked up. Not what he meant? "The date that you and Brent started dating. It's good seeing two first loves together. It's so rare." "Excuse me?" I was at a loss of words. First love? Brent was there for me as long as I can remember. He was the only person I could talk to, but was he my first love? "Too soon?" I flickered my sight to Lilla. "Huh?" She smiled a soft, light smile. "Oh nothing." I felt bad now. We're not actually dating yet we act like we do. I remember Brent telling people I was his girlfriend but he was just saying that. "We're not dating," I bit my lip as I continued, "yet." I could feel my face blush. The yet was unnecessary but I wanted to say it. Not for Lilla or Jordan but for me. I looked at their faces and saw them smile. "He'll figure that out soon enough. He might be clueless but it's always been Jailene, Jailene, Jailene for him." I smiled towards Brent. I find that hard to believe in total honesty. Brent could have anyone he wanted, why would he need me? That question still swirls around in my head. But it hasn't always been Brent, Brent, Brent for me. When I thought of waking up in the morning I would picture the boys. Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall. Oh Niall. I was such a burden to him. He put up with a lot from me. Those rumors, the fans, and just me being a bother. Someone thumped my forehead. "Earth to Jai." I shifted my sight to Jordan. "Yes?" "Looks like someone is awake."

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