My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


7. Amusement

Like I said not all it's cut out to be. Ok maybe it is.

"Why are you smiling to yourself like an idiot?" Niall said spinning me around in my chair. I was staring to get dizzy. Niall stopped and I fell to the floor. Ow! 

"Im sorry! I didn't mean to do that!" He said helping me up. I sat down and toke out my phone and typed 


Niall's phone beeped and he read the message. He smiled annd locked his phone.

"Well me and the lads wanted to know if you would care to join us at the amusement park?" Niall asked with a grin on his face. I love amusement parks! I haven't been to one since my mum passed! I nodded frantically and typed 


Niall recieved the message fast and read it. He smiled and looked at me. I could tell he was itching to know what the problem was.

"What's wrong Jai?" He asked. I smiled and unlocked my phone admiring the picture for a few seconds then typing 


I sent the message expecting Niall to laugh. He didnt instead he just read the message and waved his hand around.

"No problem Jai! Just get ready we leave in 10." And with that Niall backed out of my room shutting my door shut. I went to my closet and looked around. Im not the type of girl who likes fashion or stuff like that. But there was one thing that stood out. A mickey and minnie mouse sweater. It was light gray and the figures were black. We had also went shoe shopping. Now that I liked. I put on red skinny jeans. The sweater and jeans showed off my figure pretty good. And usaully I hate saying things like that. I swear my closet was huge and full! It litteraly was a walk in closet. Not like the ones that you see on tv. Mines just perfect for me. I went with my Batman Converse. I slipped the sweater one and then put on my Batmans. I looked in the mirror. Now what to do to my hair? I brushed it and left it alone. My hair is straight so no need to burn it. I walked down the stairs where all the boys were at. 

"Jai. We said 10 minutes not 5." Zayn said smirking. I rolled my eyes and sat on the couch. I laid down on the couch and closed my eyes for a bit. My eyes sprung open when I felt someone sit on top of me. 

"Jai? Where are you?!" Louis said putting his hand on his forehead and pretending to look for me. I tugged the back of his shirt and he jumped up.

"Jai what are you doing there?" Louis said sarcastically. I smiled and stood up. Niall came down last.

"Im ready! Im ready!" He said as we walked out the door. The cold October air hit my face. It wasn't that cold. When I had first ran away it was colder than it was today! I wonder what he was doing right now. Probably not giving a damn that im gone. 

"Were off to the amusement park!" Louis sang as we walked. The amusement park wasn't far so we walked there. 

Once we were there Niall had led me ahead. 

"Ok Jai. Today we break your fear of roller coasters! Would you like to ride the smallest one or the biggest one?"  He asked. Uh isn't it obvious that I would like to ride the smallest? I toke out my phone and typed 

'GEE THATS A TOUGH ONE. UH LET ME THINK. THE SMALLEST!' I sent it to Niall and he looked at it. 

"Fine small one it is." Niall said sticking his tongue out. 

"Guys C'mon were going to ride a roller coaster first!" Niall said as he led me to the line of a roller coaster. I smiled because the line wasn't long so that must mean this is a kidde ride. People come out the ride and exited. Niall led me to the middle of the car. He let me in first then he sat next to me. Zayn and Liam sat in back of us and Louis and Harry sat in front of us. The guy came and lowed our lever down.  I was panting or hypervenalating with no noise. Niall extended his hand. I toke his hand and inlaced his fingers in mine.

"If you get scared just squish my hand ok?" Niall said. I nodded in confusion. Why would I be scared on a kids ride? The car huffed and began rolling forward. We were going higher and higher and higher. I stared at Niall with pleaded eyes. What was happening? This doesnt seem like a kids ride.

"Oops I forgot to tell you this is the biggest ride in the amusement parkkkkkkkk!" Niall extended his sentence because right then and there we went down! I felt my stomach turn and I felt like I was going to fall out the car. I squished Niall's hand hard. For two reasons for tricking me and because I was scared! All the boys were screaming and laughing. Niall stared at me for a moment and gripped my hand hard also. 

"It's going to be alrignt Jai!" Niall said. Behind me Zayn was screaming 

"THIS IS THE ROLLER COASTER OF LIFE!" I couldn't more puzzled. But as the ride went one the turning in my stomach stopped. The wind blowing  my hair backwards felt nice. I soon had a giant smile planted on my face. Niall looked at me and smiled. I smiled back.

When it was time to get off the roller coaster I reached for my phone.

'THAT WAS AWESOME!' I typed and sent it to all the boys. 

"Yeah it was wasn't it?" Liam asked. I nodded and smiled. 

We rode all the roller coaster! Even the baby ones! We were getting pretty hungry! Me and Niall wanted pasta. Harry wanted tacos. And Zayn, Louis, and Liam wanted pizza. We all went to differant booths. We agreed to meet back when we all had eaten. 

After me and Niall had been fed we were happy.

"Jai? Let's go play that game!" Niall said as he grabbed my hand and led me to the booth. My stomach was turning I bet its still from the roller coasters. Niall was handed 3 balls. He had to knock down at least 3 pins. 

"I got this!" Niall said as he threw the ball and it  hit exactly 3 pins. He jumped and hit the air. 

"Here you go." The guy at the stand said as he handed Niall a really big stuffed bear. Niall toke it from him and looked at the ground.

"Uh here... You uh errr know..."  i didn't let him finish I hugged him so tight. Mostly because I was grateful for having more than I could ask for! Niall toke out his phone and put the camara on. 

"Please?" He said as I nodded. I smiled as he toke the picture. He looked at it and smiled himself. Oh gosh that smile.

We meet up with the rest of the boys.

"That's one gigantic bear." Harry said staring at Niall. I smiled we continued to walk forward. Some girls were staring and whispering. I know there attactive but geez would it kill them to have a bit more dignity? 

"AREN'T YOU ONE DIRECTION?!" A girl shierked. I looked back. There was no one there. 

"Yes we are." The boys said in unison. Wait hold up. Im I missing something?

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