My life has been filled with promises, promises that couldn't be kept.
Being abused caused me to stay mute..
But can he change that?


22. A story in the park

Liam's POV 

As we all exchanged looks I could tell we all thought it was a good idea. "Liam that must've taken you a great deal of time to come up with such an elaborate plan." Zayn finally said breaking the silence. As the boys took in all the information I felt like a weight was put on my heart. It felt hard and heavy. The plan could either go amazingly well or one little thing can go wrong and mess everything up. "How long are we going to wait?" Niall said anxious for an answer. "I don't really know." I answered looking at him. "As long as it takes to get this to run perfectly." Zayn said. I looked down at my hands, what else is there to lose? Harry got up and reached for his jacket, "Well why are we sitting around here doing nothing?" He smirked. I got up and outstretched my arms, "Styles has a point there." I laughed under my breath. Keep on hanging on Jai, we're coming for you. 

Brent's POV 

As we continued walking I couldn't help but think about the consequences. If Jailene finds out about all this she'll hate me for sure. Something's wrong with me, I can't even look at her without wanting to grab her by the waist, put a hand on her cheek, and feel her lips on mine again. She stopped abruptly and I stared at her, "Jailene?" I asked facing towards her. Stay calm, breathe in and out. She looked up at me and smiled a little as she put a hand on my cheek. I could feel my cheeks get hot. It was almost like she was reading my thoughts. Jailene nodded while she caressed my cheek. That was her way of saying thank you. I cleared my throat, took her hand in mine smiling. "We're not that far." I said looking ahead. I couldn't bare to see Jailene hurt again. Not by me, not anymore. I gripped her hand and closed my eyes. "I'm sorry." I whispered softly, walking.  

Jailene's POV 

"Don't you remember this park?" Brent said glancing at me. I shook my head slowly, inspecting the little park. "I guess you wouldn't." he went on walking ahead, his fingertips touching the swings delicately. I stood in my place trying to remember what he was talking about exactly. "Let me tell you a story, come I'll push you." He said extending his hand out. I walked towards him, taking his hand, and sitting in the swing. I held on tightly as Brent pushed me slowly. "Once there was a boy. Now this kid was a trouble maker, and extremely cute from well that's what his mum always told him." He laughed under his breath. "Anyways one time he decided to go to the park. He wanted to explore I guess. When he got to the park he looked around and saw no one. He would play around everywhere, thinking he was king of the world. One day when he came to the park he saw a girl sitting on a swing." My heart started pumping, skipping beats. "They played all day and soon when the sun went down. The girl had to go but she promised to come back the next day. And she did, thank God." He paused creating tension. I bit my lip, gripping the metal bars. "That girl, Oh she was beautiful, funny, and she had a wonderful smile. Just seeing her brightened his day. They became really good friends, which made him very happy. But like every cycle of life they got older." Brent stopped pushing me, instead he sat down on the swing next to me. He hung his head low, "The boy made a mistake." I gulped. I knew exactly what he's talking about, but no. Can it be? "He regrets it very much. He never wanted to hurt the girl, after all..." He drifted off slowly. "She was his first love." My eyes widened, but I kept my eyes focused ahead of me. 

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