Irresistible (A Zayn Malik love story)

This is a Zayn Malik fan fiction.
A 16 year old orphan named Amber has been an orphan for most of her life. Her life is suddenly about to change when she finds out that she is finally being adopted. The problem is, she has a major crush on her new foster brother Zayn Malik. But Zayn's band mate, Harry Styles, also has a crush on Zayn's new foster sister.


8. The Party Doesn't Stop

    AMBER'S P.O.V.

    Tina and I sit with our legs crossed in the back of the van. I have Louis sitting next to me. I get a whiff of his cologne. I believe he applied Ralph Lauren brand. Trust me... I can tell what kind of perfume a man is wearing just be the smell of it. I have been near so many men who applied cologne that it became a 6th sense for me. I feel a vibrating in my back pocket and I pullout my samsung HTC galaxy 1X. I press the power button and my screen comes to life with different colors. I open up my in-box and I see that I got a new message. I am about to press the screen to open the message until I saw who it was from. It is from Jeremy. I hesitate. Should I read it? Am I ready to face the tears that will come when I read the message and think of him? No. No. No I am not. I turn my phone off and I put it back into my back pocket.

    I look over at Tina and I see her looking over at Liam and daydreaming. I was about to start talking to Tina until I hear a voice in my ear. "You will love living with us," Louis says as he places his arm around me. I nod my head slowly. Not daring to say a word. "I can't wait for you to meet Eleanor and Dani and Per-," Harry says but then he stops mid-sentence. Harry looks at Zayn. Zayn looks at me and hangs his head. "I can't wait for you to meet Eleanor and Dani," Harry says again, leaving out Perrie. I want to know why Harry didn't say Perrie. I look at Louis for an explanation. Louis looks to see if anyone is listening. Then Louis bends down and whispers in my ear. "Zayn and Perrie broke up earlier today," he whispers. My mouth drops open, but I quickly shut it. Zayn and Perrie are...over? How could this be?

     We pull up to this huge mansion-like house. The van comes to a slow stop. The doors to the van slowly open and I step out of the van. My black TOMS hit the smooth pavement when I feel my body being sweeped up by a pair of muscly arms. I look up and I see that it was Niall who was carrying me. "Put my down Niall, I can walk," I say. "OK whatever you say," he shrugs as he sets me down gently. Tina jumps to my side. I could tell that she wanted to explode with excitement. I give her the 'calm your tits' look again.

    We walk into the house and I am astonished. It is beautiful in here. I feel a hand on my shoulder and I turn around. It's Zayn. "Let's go and get you room set up," he says as he winks at me. I look over at Tina, she gives me a look.

    We walk up to mine and Tina's new room. I count the steps as we walk up. Three flights. 42 steps. 42 steps. The same number of steps that there was in my old house. In my old house. With my old family. My mom, My dad, and my older brother, my older brother Meyer. Meyer. Oh how I miss him so much. Meyer might have been my brother, but he was also my best friend. We would tell each other everything. I would tell him all of the problems I had at school that day. We would dance around the room listening to One Direction laughing away all of our troubles. That is all gone now. It slipped through my fingers. They are gone. He is gone. Ever since that day. They were here one day, then they were gone the next. I haven't told anyone. No one. And I'm not planning to.

    I walk with my head down. I'm trying not to let the tears fall when Zayn comes to a stop. I lift up my head quickly. He reaches his hand out to the doorknob. He pushes on the door and it opens. The door opens to a huge room. I stand there in amazement. "Is...this my room?" I ask quietly. "Yep," Zayn replies. We walk in and Zayn leaves the door open. I walk around the new room slowly. I come upon a door. I look at Zayn. He nods his head yes. I slowly open the door and I couldn't believe my eyes. A walk-in closet. I have always wanted one of these. Now I finally have one.

    "Ok let's get this party started," hollers Louis as he walks into the door with my suitcases. Niall walks in behind him with 4 boxes. Harry walks in carrying 3 buckets of paint and 7 paint brushes. Last but not least, Liam walks in with Tina and her suitcases. "What's going on," I dare to ask. "We are setting up your room," Louis responds as he sets down my suitcases. Next thing I know it I have a grin plastered on my face. I reach down and I unzip my suitcase. I pull out my speakers and my Ipod. I walk over to the night stand and I set the speakers down. I plug the speakers into the outlet on the wall. I hook up my Ipod to the speakers and I turn the speakers on. Before I knew it I had 'Live While We're Young' blasting through out the room. The band and Tina smiles huge smiles. "I love her taste in music," says Niall. "Now since we got tunes, let's get this party started," Louis hollers again.

    "This is a nice color you picked out for the walls," I say as I open the paint can and I dip the paint brush in. "I had some sense in me that I knew that you would love this color," says Harry as he dips his brush in the paint and joins me. We start to paint in rhythm to the new song that is blasting through out the room, Come on Come on. I start to dance and sing as I paint the light blue paint on my wall. Suddenly I feel a cold sensation on my cheek. I look at Harry and I see blue paint on his thumb; his is smirking at me uncontrollably. I look in mirror on the wall next to me. I see that Harry has smudged blue paint on my cheek. That curly-haired fool. I look back at him. He has continued to paint the wall while whistling to the music. A slight grin spreads across my face. I start to plan my next attack.

    I continue to paint with Harry. The song that is now playing is Red by Taylor Swift. Harry is continuing to paint, poor him, he doesn't know what's coming. "Hey Harry, I think you got a little paint on your face," I say as I reach down to dip my brush in to the paint. "Where?" he asks. "," I say as I sweep my brush over his face. I leave a trail of light blue paint from one side of his face to the other. I can't help but giggle uncontrollably. Harry then grabs my face and plants a wet, sloppy, light blue kiss on my cheek, leaving a light blue lips inprint on my face."Ewww Harry," I laugh as I wipe the paint off of my face.

    "Omg Niall, how does this look on me," I hear a girly accent. I turn around and I see Louis. Louis is wearing my pink summer dress that I got last summer. He is posing like a supermodel walking down the catwalk, strutting his stuff. "It looks fabulous Lou, Darling," Niall says laughing. I can't help but laugh. Seeing Louis in my summer dress? I have got to take a picture of this. I pull out my phone and I take a quick shot before anyone can notice. "I walk over and I turn off the music. "Well guys, I think the room is finished." I say. I take a look around the room. The light blue paint covers the walls and Harry's face. The walk-in closet is filled with mine and Tina's wardrobe. The bed's have the sheets and everything. Everything is into place. "Well boys, I think we should go to sleep now, it's already 10:30," Zayn says as he looks at his watch. "Alright guys, I will see you in the morning," I say as I give everyone a hug goodnight. They all leave our room and I shut the door behind them. Tina and I go into our new walk in closet and we change into our pjs. We crawl into our beds and we say our good nights. I reach over to the lamp on the nightstand and I flick the switch to turn it off. The first night with my new family is about to begin.

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