Irresistible (A Zayn Malik love story)

This is a Zayn Malik fan fiction.
A 16 year old orphan named Amber has been an orphan for most of her life. Her life is suddenly about to change when she finds out that she is finally being adopted. The problem is, she has a major crush on her new foster brother Zayn Malik. But Zayn's band mate, Harry Styles, also has a crush on Zayn's new foster sister.


7. The Meeting


    "Ok, let's talk about Nina first," Utters Mrs. Smartly as she pulls out a paper from a manilla folder. Tina just rolls her eyes. "Her name is Tina," utters a familiar voice. It was Liam. Liam was defending Tina.  look back over to Tina and I notice that she is trying not to fangirl. I shoot her a look saying 'calm your tits'.

    Mrs. Smartly starts to blab about Tina, the adoption, me all sorts of stuff, but of course like always, I am not paying attention. I can't help but stare at Zayn. His midnight-black hair is placed in a quiff. His hair is all black, except for a blond streak down the middle of the quiff. He has deep, deep chocolate brown eyes that glisten in the light. His defined cheek bones would make any girl fall head-over-heels. I am observing every detail of his beautiful face until he turns his head away from Liam and notices me staring at him. I turn away as quickly as I can, putting my hand on my face, trying to hide myself.

    I look around the lobby of the orphanage. I notice two figures from down the hallway. These figures almost brought me to tears. One of the figures was standing in front of the other one.The small figure was Valerie. My little sister. And the other figure, well, It was my other best friend. Jeremy. It was Jeremy. Jeremy has his hands on Valerie's shoulder, trying to keep her from running towards me. I can tell that Jeremy is trying not to let the tears fall. His dark brown hair sweeps just barely over his eyes. "I'm sorry," I mouthed silently to him. He couldn't take it any longer. He lowers his head and he lets the tears fall. One by one, they fall from his face. Hitting the cold, hard, tiled floor of the hallway. Valerie looks up, and she notices Jeremy's tears. She spins around and gives Jeremy a long hug.

    I nudge Tina with my elbow. She looks at me. I nod my head down the hall towards where Jeremy and Valerie were. Her smile drops as she looks back at me. We both look back towards and I see them getting on the elevator. The doors close slowly. At the last second, I see Jeremy wave his hand in goodbye. Goodbye forever.

    ZAYN'S P.O.V.

    I stare at the old red-headed woman behind the desk in disgust. How could she be so cold hearten. Not caring about the feelings of that adorable little girl. It broke my heart. It broke Liam's heart. It broke Louis's heart. It broke Niall's heart. It even broke Harry's heart. I could see it their eyes. They wanted to just get up and carry away the little girl with us.

    I look at Amber and Tina. they are staring down the hallway at two figures. One of them I recognize. It was the little girl. I believe her name was Valerie. The other figure is new to me. He had dark brown swoopy hair and Ocean blue eyes, eyes like Louis. I would say he is about...5'9... I look back at Amber and I see her about to break into tears. The two objects leave the hallway and they go into the elevator. They wave goodbye to Amber and Tina. I can feel Amber's pain. It feels like a knife going into my heart. I see Liam looking at Tina. I bet he could feel the pain to.

    "Ok now gentlemen, I need you to sign on these lines so that if anything happens to Mrs. Malik here, you would be Amber and Tina's legal guardians," utters the red-headed woman. I snap my attention back to her as she places a stack of papers in front of me. I see that Louis and Harry have already signed. I grab the pen from Harry and I look back down at the papers. I scribble my name. Zayn Malik. I pass the papers to Liam and I look back over to Amber. She is slightly smiling now. I can't help but to smile back at her. "Ok, Amber Crawford and Tina Abernathy, you are released to your new foster family, One Direction!" Mrs. Smartly claps with joy. We all stand up. Amber and Tina look at each other before they slowly stand up.

    "We will get the luggage!" utters Louis as he grabs Niall's wrist and pulls him towards their suitcases and duffle bags. I walk over to Amber and I smile at her. Her light green eyes glisten in the lights of the orphanage. I place my arm around her and I take her hand. Liam walks over to Tina and does the same thing. "Let's go home and get your room set up," I whisper in her ear. She slowly nods her head, not suring of the sudden contact be me. "Sister," I suddenly say. She looks up at me and smiles. "Brother," she says quietly. We walk out of the orphanage with Louis and Niall struggling to carry the luggage behind us. We are going home. We are going home with new members of the family.

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