Irresistible (A Zayn Malik love story)

This is a Zayn Malik fan fiction.
A 16 year old orphan named Amber has been an orphan for most of her life. Her life is suddenly about to change when she finds out that she is finally being adopted. The problem is, she has a major crush on her new foster brother Zayn Malik. But Zayn's band mate, Harry Styles, also has a crush on Zayn's new foster sister.


11. No... No...

    AMBER'S P.O.V.

     The streets are filled with people. Some people that I knew. My sunglasses make the appearance of the streets seem gloom. I see people laughing and smiling. Having the time of their lives. That used to be me. Going shopping with my friends. Going to Starbucks and ordering a caramel mocha with extra whipped cream and warm chocolate syrup drizzled on top of it. I remember walking down the sidewalk with Meyer, laughing, talking, and having fun. We would stop at some stores and go inside. We would find some clothes and try them on. I remember finding the cutest top ever in one store. The last store that Meyer and I went to. The last store, before the incident.

    I snap out of my train of thought when Zayn stops suddenly. "What's wrong," I ask worried. I see him staring at this beautiful blond woman. She is with a group of 3 other girls. "Oh nothing, let's go," Zayn says as he quickly grabs my arm. I try to make sense of that woman. Who could it be? Perrie. I knew it. I new that she look familiar. It was Perrie. Zayn's ex girlfriend. We start walking along when Zayn suddenly stops walking again. I see that Perrie has stopped in front of Zayn. The three other girls are standing behind her. She glares at Zayn. Suddenly, her eyes are fixed on me. I stare back at her, slightly scared. She glares at me for what seemed like forever. Then her eyes fix back to Zayn. She pushes herself through and the 3 girls follow her. I look up at Zayn. Eh turns his head back and makes sure that they were gone. "That was Perrie, if she says anything to you, just ignore it." Zayn says looking down at me.

    We continue walking when we walk up to a Starbucks. Oh God. We walk in through the door. The door ringer rings as we walk through. The whole shop falls quiet. Teenaged girls look at us. We make our way up to the counter, everyone still staring at us. We ordered our coffee and we start to make our way out of the door. I stop dead in my tracks. No. No it can't be him. Mason. He is standing out there with his friends. I remember them. all 4 of them. Mason, Connor, Matt, and Jordan. They had cans of Arizona tea. They take a drink. I realized that I stopped walking with Zayn. "Amber, we have to leave. They recognized us," Zayn says. Zayn wants to get out of the coffee shop. I could tell. I look around the coffee shop and I see a group of teenaged girls looking at us and whispering.

    "No Zayn, we can't go out there, not yet," I say under my breath. "Why," he asks. I can't tell him. Not now. "It's cold outside, I want to stay in here longer." I say quickly. I look at Zayn while he gives me a look. He shrugs his shoulders. We stand in the corner of the shop sipping away at our coffees. i glance out the window and they are still standing out there. I take a nervous sip of my coffee when Zayn sees me looking out the window. "What are you looking at," he asks me. I snap my attention back to him. "Nothing," I quickly say. "We got to head back to the house," Zayn says as he grabs my arm. We walk out side of the shop. They didn't notice. I walk with my head down. I take one more glance at them and I see Matt pointing in my direction. I see Mason, Connor, and Jordan turn around to look at me. In panic, I put my head down and I try to cover my face. Zayn is still holding my arm. I see Mason and his friends walk towards us. I jerk my arm out of Zayn's grip and I start to run. "Whoa where are you going! What is happening!" I hear Zayn call after me. I don't dare to answer. I turn the corner and I run. How could he find me. It's been a year. This can't be happening.

    ZAYN'S P.O.V

    Amber is acting strange. "It's cold outside, I want to stay in here longer,"she says. What? I check my watch. I guess we could spend a few more minutes in here, but we do need to head back to the house soon. We stand there, drinking our coffee. I catch her glance out the window of the shop a couple of times. She looks out the shop window one more time, and the color vanishes from her face. I think she's getting sick. I've got to get her home. I grab her arm and I try to pull her out the door. She resists for a moment. "What are you looking at," I ask her. "Nothing," she replies fairly quickly.

    I manage to drag her out of the shop. She walks with her head down. I catch her taking a few more glances in the direction of a group of 4 guys. One of them points at her and they all turn around. They start to walk towards us. Suddenly, Amber jerks her arm out of my grip and she starts running around the corner. "Whoa, where are you going! What is happening!" I call out after her. She doesn't stop. I am about to run after her until I feel a hand on my shoulder. I see the 4 guys standing behind me. "Who was that chick that was with you," the one with his hand on my shoulder asks. Who the hell is this guy! He has brown shaggy hair that covers up most of his hazel eyes. He is wearing a grey knitted beanie. All of them are wearing beanies. I grasp his hand off of my shoulder and I let is go. His hand drops back to his side. I stare at him dead in the eye. "Who are you and why do you want to know who was with me," I say demanding. He looks at his friends and looks back at me. "I'm Mason, and just tell me her name," He says as he grabs the collar to my shirt. "Ok mate, I don't think you know who your talking to," I say with a smirk on my face. "Who the hell are you then," he says, gripping my collar with more power. "I am ZAYN FROM ONE DIRECTION!" I shout. Everyone looks in our direction and I make a run for it, leaving Mason and his gang in a mob of teenage girls.

    AMBER'S P.O.V.

     I finally found the house. I race up to the front door and I twist the doorknob. I open the door quickly and I race inside. I make my way towards the stairs until I trip over an object on the floor. I scramble back up to my feet and I see Niall on the floor. "Niall, what are you doing on the floor," I ask him. HE just stares up at me. "Amber, why are you in such a hurry," he says in his thick accent. " I quickly look back at the door, hoping Zayn won't walk in. "Nothing," I say as I make a run for the stairs. "No Amber! Wait! Tell me what happened!" I hear Niall yell after me. I run into mine and Tina's room and I slam the door shut. I turn off all of the lights. The overhead lights, all of the lamp lights, and even the closet light. I shut the curtains. I run back over to the door and I lock it. I rip a blanket off of my bed at I run to the corner. I sit in the corner, blanket over my shoulders. He might find me. I have to hide. I can't go anywhere. I wrap myself in the blanket even tighter. I start to sing to myself to help me calm down. "This downtown apartment, sure makes me miss home. Those bills there on the counter, keep telling me I'm on my own. And just like every sun-" I start to sing, but I stop myself.This is not helping at all. I bend my knees up to my chest and I wrap the blanket around them.

    I lay my head against the wall. I start to feel really dizzy. I try to keep myself awake. I am about to black out when I hear a knock on the door. I shoot my head up. "WHO EVER THE HELL YOU ARE YOU BETTER BACK AWAY FROM THE DOOR," I shout. "Amber, calm down, it's me Tina," the voice says. I slowly get up on my feet and I walk towards the door. I open it with great caution. No one is out there. I take a step out and suddenly I am swept up from my feet and I am being carried down the stairs. I start pounding on the back of whoever was carrying me. I start to kick also. "PUT ME DOWN MASON!!!!" I scream as I continue to pound on the persons back. I am suddenly thrown onto the couch and my arms are pinned above my head. "PLEASE DON'T KILL ME MASON! IT WON'T HELP YOU AT ALL," I scream as I begin to kick. My eyes are sealed shut with tears. "Shh, Amber, Amber listen to me, it's okay, it's me, Harry. Everything is going to be alright," A voice says. I barely open my eyes and I see Harry on top of me. He is straddling me as he pins my arms above my head. "HARRY!!! HE IS COMING FOR ME!!! HE IS GOING TO KILL ME HARRY!!!" I scream again. "No he won't, not if you are with me," Harry says, trying to have me calm down. "NO HARRY!!! HE WILL KILL YOU TOO!! HE WILL KILL TINA, HE WILL KILL, ZAYN, HE WILL KILL NIALL, HE WILL KILL LIAM, HE WILL KILL LOUIS!!! HE WILL KILL ALL OF US!!!" I scream. "Amber, everyone will be fine. You are safe here. No one, and I mean no one. Is going to hurt you as long as I am alive!" Harry yells. I open my mouth to fight back, but no sound comes out. I stop kicking. I lay there. My chest heaving up and down. Harry's hands are still pinning my arms above my head. "Harry, Harry. I, I, can't-" I say before complete blackness.


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