Irresistible (A Zayn Malik love story)

This is a Zayn Malik fan fiction.
A 16 year old orphan named Amber has been an orphan for most of her life. Her life is suddenly about to change when she finds out that she is finally being adopted. The problem is, she has a major crush on her new foster brother Zayn Malik. But Zayn's band mate, Harry Styles, also has a crush on Zayn's new foster sister.


20. Meyer...Mason...Zayn???

     AMBER'S P.O.V

      Complete blackness. Total blackness. I can't see nothing, nor hear anyting. The last thing I saw was Louis. Louis and a big, dark red spot on Louis shirt. I remember feeling the pain that Tina brought to both of my shoulders, but she cause the most pain to the left.

      In my head. One sounds very familiar, it sounds like Harry's. I can't stand Harry anymore. I trusted him more than anybody. I gave him my soul to protect, and he goes and let's me be touched by a random stranger. He says some words that I don't understand, and then his voice disappears. Scilence is in my head now. I am still in complete blackness, until a flash of light appears. I am able to see, but this is not what's happening. I see a small girl, about 12 years old, sitting on the couch watching the telly. What is happening. i look down at myself and I am dressed in my favorite pink summer dress. I go and touch it, but my hand goes right through it. I'm...a ghost? I look back over at the girl and I see that a new person has joined her. I remember him. That's....Meyer.

     "Meyer!" I scream, but he doesn't budge. He has his arm wrapped around the little girl. "Meyer!" I scream again. Then again, he doesn't here me. I walk over to him. I suddenly realize that the little girl... is me! Me when I was younger. I reach out to touch Meyer's face, but he disappears. Me as a 12 year old disappears. Everything disappears. They are suddenly replaced with the person I dread. Mason.

    Mason. He stands there holding a girl in his arms. He is hugging her tight with love. That girl is me. I remember when he would hug me like that. That was the last hug I have gotten from him. I remember this setting. This is the setting when Mason started to hurt me. It was this hug. "Amber, watch out!" I yell, but it was too late. Mason already had past-me pinned against the wall. Choaking past-me. I remember when he did that to me I run over there and I tried to pull Mason off of past-me. "Mason! Get off of me!" I say as I try and pull him off, but instead, my arms slip through his body and he doesn't move. I have to sit there. I have to sit there and re-live that horrible memory all over again, but I can't do anything about it. I watch myself get touched everywhere. I watch when Mason pulls back to puch me in the face for the first time, but everything disappears again.

     A new setting pops up. I'm sitting on a church pew, inside of a church. I look around and I see my Friends from the orphanage and Mrs. Smartly sitting right beside me, but no Tina. Suddenly everybody rises up and faces towards the big front doors of the church. I stand up as well, but I know that nobody can see me. The big church doors swing open and out walks a beautiful, tall, thin woman. She looks very familiar. She looks like...ME!!! That's me. I'm getting married. I watch myself walk down the long isle. I look down to the front of the church and I see the band. Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall are all dressed in white tuxs, and then Zayn is the only one dressed in a black one. The 4 boys stand a little bit behind Zayn. Zayn's eyes are glued on future-me as I future-me walks up next to him. A bunch of talking goes on, and  then I see future-me and Zayn lean in. About to kiss. Suddenly, everything fades away. I...was getting married.... to Zayn??!?!


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