Irresistible (A Zayn Malik love story)

This is a Zayn Malik fan fiction.
A 16 year old orphan named Amber has been an orphan for most of her life. Her life is suddenly about to change when she finds out that she is finally being adopted. The problem is, she has a major crush on her new foster brother Zayn Malik. But Zayn's band mate, Harry Styles, also has a crush on Zayn's new foster sister.


19. How Could You Harry!?!

    ZAYN'S P.O.V.

      I can't belive what I just saw. Amber and Tina. Trying to murder each other. Liam finally pulled Tina off of Amber and carried her upstairs while Louis picked up Amber and carried her to his room. I only caught a glimps of Amber after the big comotion, and it wasn't pretty. Her whole left shoulder was covered in blood. Louis carries her off to his room and shuts the door. I take a seat on the couch and I put my head in my hands. This is all too much. I thought is was going to be fun to have 2 younger sisters, but no. It has turned into a living hell. Suddenly the front door swings open. I stand up and I see Niall and Harry standing there. They have fear in their eyes. My attention suddenly draws to Niall's hand, which is covered in blood. "Niall mate, what happened!" I say. "Amber was alone in the gym and this guy started to harrass her. Harry and I saw it and I took him out." Niall replies. I suddenly realize.

     "Why was Amber in the gym... alone?" I ask in pure anger. It's silent. Harry hangs his head in shame. I look at Harry. "Harry, did you leave Amber alone in the gym?" I ask with rage. Harry nods his head slowly. "AFTER WE HAD THAT CONVERSATION OF NOT LETTING AMBER BE ALONE IN PUBLIC PLACES, YOU GO AND LEAVE HER IN A GYM FUUL OF STRANGERS!! NOW THANKS TO YOU, AMBER IS PROBABLY NEVER GOING TO BE ABLE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE!"  I yell at him. "I'm sorry, I went to go make a quick phone call to you guys and then this lady came and started making out with me and I just..." Harry says. "Just what? Huh? Well Amber came back and her and Tina got into a cat fight. There was blood everywhere. Not to mention that Tina brought up you-know-who and her family. This family is tearing apart guys, and we have to fix it." I say. Niall was about to speak but Louis walks in the room, Amber in is arms and tears in his eyes. "Mates, we need to go to the hospital." He says.



Sorry for the short chapter guys.... I hope you liked the fan fiction so far. What do you think about what happened between Amber and Tina? Will they ever redeem their friendship? And will Amber be ok? Find out in more chapters yet to come!

~LoraTomlinson23:) xx


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