Irresistible (A Zayn Malik love story)

This is a Zayn Malik fan fiction.
A 16 year old orphan named Amber has been an orphan for most of her life. Her life is suddenly about to change when she finds out that she is finally being adopted. The problem is, she has a major crush on her new foster brother Zayn Malik. But Zayn's band mate, Harry Styles, also has a crush on Zayn's new foster sister.


23. For Lou's Birthday



      I wake up and I see that I have no shirt on. I realized why and my eyes begin to water. No. Not today. Today is a very special day. Today in my 21st birthday. I stumble out of bed and I walk down stairs. "Happy Birthday Lou!" Niall says as he engulfs me into a hug. "Thanks mate." I say to him. The rest of the band wishes me happy birthday. "What do you want to do for your birthday Boo bear?" Liam asks me. "I want to go and see Amber." I reply. I can see the fear in their eyes. "Are you sure?" Liam asks, "We won't be able to see much. The doctor said that she won't wake up until next week or so." I stare at them. "I'm sure." I reply.I throw on a shirt and we walk out the door and we drive to the hospital.

     We arrive at the hospital and we walk in. "We are here to see Amber Crawford, can you please tell us which room she is in?" Niall asks the woman at the table. "Certainly." she responds. She types into her computer and a confused expression comes across her face. "I'm sorry, but we don't have an Amber Crawford, we only have and Amber Gallagher and an Amber Malik." She tells us. "We need to see Amber Malik." I pipe up and say. "okay then she is in room 563." The woman says.

     We begin to walk down the long hallway until we reach room 563. I slowly open the door and I see her. Zayn pushes past me and walks over to her. The rest of us walk over to her as well. I look down at her body. I see a long tube attached to her next. I follow the tube and I see a machine pumping blood into her body. That just sends shivers down my spine.

    AMBER'S P.O.V.

      Come on! Why can't I wake up! I just want to show the boys that I'm okay and that they don't have to worry anymore. I try to push myself awake, but I can't seem to wake up. I am about to give up until I hear a voice, I hear Zayn's voice. Now I have to wake up! I try one more time, and I see a white ceiling. Along with 5 faces that I can't be even more happy to see! The boys. "Amber! You're awake! Zayn exclaims as he hugs me. Sharp pain rushes to my shoulder. "ZAYN! MY SHOULDER!" I yelp. He quickly let's go. "I'm so sorry," He says. "It's okay, what it today's date?" I ask as I rub my head. "December 24," Harry says. I don't even want to look at Harry. December 24. A smile spreads across my face. I turn to Louis. I can see tears of joy in his eyes. "Happy Birthday Lou," I say as I open my arms to hug him. He hugs me as he starts to let the tears of joy fall. "What is your birthday wish," I ask him. He wipes away a tear with his hand. "My birthday wish.... was for you to wake up." He says. I can't help but tear up to. "Well your wish came true, Happy Birthday." I say as I hug him again.

     Suddenly, the doctor walks in. "Okay lads, visiting hours are over, I'm going to have to ask you to leave," I suddenly realize that I am in a hospital. I look to my right and I see a big machine with a tube hooked up to my neck. I look at the boys and I see fear in their eyes. "I will be okay, now you heard the doctor, visiting times are over." I say as I fake a smile. I give each boy a hug before they leave. As soon as they leave I whisper, "I hope I will be okay..."

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