Under the Mistletoe (A Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Since Christmas iscoming in the Next month or so... I have decided to do a Louis Tomlinson very special Christmas addition love story!!! I hope you enjoy it!!


3. The News

You and Louis have had a great day together. You guys spent the day going to the mall and buying new clothes for each other. You guys also went for a long romantic walk in the park together. This has been the best date you have ever had since you started to date Louis. You thought that nothing could ruin this, but you were wrong.

    Louis pulls into the parking lot of your apartment complex. He pulls the key out of the key slot to turn the car engine off. You see Louis look down at his lap with a sad look on his face. He grips the keys in his hands tightly."What's wrong BooBear," you asked him, worried. He looks at you with tear-filled eyes. "Babe, I got something very important to tell you, but you have to promise me you won't cry," he says as he takes your hand. "No promises," you say. Gripping his hand.

    "The reason why I did all of this for you today is because...." he takes a deep sigh before he continues, "becasue I'm going on tour with the band for three months." He says with tears in his eyes. Your heart stops. You should have been expecting this since you are dating a worlds biggest pop star. "But-" you cu toff by a finger being placed on your lips. "I don't want to leave you for three months, buy I have too," he says quietly. "But you will miss Christmas with me, and your birthday," you say as tears start to roll down your cheeks. Louis hops out of the caar and scoops you up. You start to cry hard into his chest. He carries you into you apartment; he lays you down on your bed. He lays down next to you holding you. You are still crying. "It is okay love, I will never leave you forever


Authors Note: I could not hold back my tears while typing this for you guys... Its just so emotional.... I will update as soon as I can!

~ Lora Tomlinson:)  

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