Under the Mistletoe (A Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Since Christmas iscoming in the Next month or so... I have decided to do a Louis Tomlinson very special Christmas addition love story!!! I hope you enjoy it!!


4. The Letter

    You wake up the next morning. Have completely forgotten about last night. You get up and you see a note on the night stand. This is what it read: 


    Dear (Y/N),

 I am sorry to leave you like this. I will be back as soon as I can. I wanted to wake you up this morning before I left to say goodbye, but I decided it was best not to disturb you. I want you to have a great time okay. Don't think about this.This hurts me as much as it hurts you. I want you to remember something. This is only for three months. I would never leave you forever. I love you too much to do that.

     I will see you in three months. I love you (Y/N)

                                                           Love, Your BooBear, Louis


   You can't help but cry. And cry. You laay back on you bed. Trying not to think about Louis. But you can't he fills your mind. Three monthis too long to wait

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