Under the Mistletoe (A Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Since Christmas iscoming in the Next month or so... I have decided to do a Louis Tomlinson very special Christmas addition love story!!! I hope you enjoy it!!


2. The day begins<3

 "Okay babe, your tea is ready," Louis whispers in your ear as he places the cup of tea on the coffee table beside the couch. "What time is it love," you say as you sit up and stretch out your arms. "Its time for you to get dressed for our day together," he says as he hands you the cup of tea. You take a sip of it. It is the best tea you have ever tasted since your mum has made it for you. "Why are you doing this Lou?" you ask as you finish drinking your homemade tea. Louis scoops you up and starts to carry you backup the stairs. "I will tell you later babe," he says as he bumps open the door to your room with his big bum. "Now get dressed and meet me downstairs in 20 minutes." He says as he sets you down. He gives you a kiss on the forehead and leaves your room, closing the door behind him.

    You pick out the best outfit for you to wear today with Louis. You have a nice T-shirt with a cute fuzzy Panda on it. The Panda is eating a stick of Bamboo, how cute is that! You also put on you black skinny jeans. You reach into your closet and you pull out a pair of red Toms. You slip those on you feet as you head to the bathroom to do you hair.

    Your purple hairbrush flows gently throgh the strands of your hair. Your hair falls perfectly when you finish brushing it. You grab Louis's old benie that he gave to you on your birthday. You give yourself one last glimpse then you exit the bathroom and you head downstairs to your awaiting lover, Louis.

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