Under the Mistletoe (A Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Since Christmas iscoming in the Next month or so... I have decided to do a Louis Tomlinson very special Christmas addition love story!!! I hope you enjoy it!!


5. Christmas Eve

    It's Christmas Eve, and it's Louis's birthday. Louis won't be back for another month and a half. You sit on the couch of  in the living room of you apartment. You are wearing your Coca Cola night shirt and your Coca Cola fleece pajama pants. Louis has a matching pair that he wears to sleep. you sit on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate in your hands. You stare at the TV. How The Grinch Stole Christmas is playing. It was a tradition for you and Louis to watch that on his birthday and Christmas Eve. You start to get tears in your eyes when the doorbell rings.

    You set your mug of hot chocolate ont he coffee table and you get up to answet the door. You open the door. There is no one there. The only thing tha sits in front of you is a gigantic box. You look left, then you look right, you make sure that there is no one around. You slowly open the box. Carefully pulling the light and soft red ribbion off. You pull up the flaps to the box. You could not believe what stood before you.

    It was Louis. He was dressed in his matching Coca Cola pajamas, the same that you were wearing. "Oh... My..." is all you could say. "Merry Christmas babe," He says as he opens his arms out to you. You jump into his arms. "I thought yo weren't suppose to be back until another month and a half." You say. "I wouldn't miss spending Christmas Eve with you," he says. I look at him. He has his usual smirk on his face. He points up. You look up to where he was pointing to see this Mistletoe that you placed up their. You and Louis kiss for the first time in a month and a half. You guys break apart from your kiss. Louis steps out of the box, with you still in his arms. He carries you over to the couch and you guys sit together. "You remembered out tradition," he says as he placed a kiss on your forehead. "How could I forget," You reply. You guys snuggle up for the rest of the movie. "Merry Christmas babe," he whispers in your ear. "Happy Birthday BooBear," you whisper back.

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