Under the Mistletoe (A Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

Since Christmas iscoming in the Next month or so... I have decided to do a Louis Tomlinson very special Christmas addition love story!!! I hope you enjoy it!!


1. Intoduction

    You wake up one bright sunny morning to the sound of your wonderful boyfrirend singing to you. Your boyfriend is Louis Tomlinson. The Louis Tomlinson from the world famous British/Irish boy band of the centrey... One Direction. "Good morning beautiful," he says as he places a kiss on your forehead. "What are you doing here so early," you say in your groggy morning voice. "Because I couldn't wait to see you today," he says as he lifts you up and carries you down the stairs.

    "We have a big day planned ahead of us, so you need to get dressed into something nice," Louis whispers in your ear as he places you body on the couch and puts a warm fuzzy blanket over you. "I will in 5 minutes..." you mumble as you close you eyes. "Okay babe, I'm going to make you some tea ok?" he asks sweetly. He leaves you to sleep on the couch while he goes into the kitchen to make some tea for you.



Authors Note: Im sorry for the short chapter. And this will be a short fan fiction also. I just feel like writing this is a 2nd person point of veiw so that everybody can put themselves in this place. I will update as soon as I can!!

~Lora Tomlinson

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