Life goes on ~

Ariana had a strange ex that only liked to do sexual things to her one day she escapes she finds a cute handsome young boy with curly hair who helps her and later tells her he is from one direction. will she fall for him ? or one of the guys.?


1. Meting Harry

* Ariana's P.O.V *

It was dark i came home from the park when i was walking down the street i saw my ex , I started running when I saw him , he saw me and chased me I went home i was alone cos my parents had died . I was a college student ready for the future but my ex was just the worst person ever the next morning someone had knocked on my door i opened the door and there was my ex Jake he was the worst he got in and chased me upstairs i went to my room and locked the door he banged and banged and after a while left i saw him down the street , i got out of my room and left to the park frightened . When i was there i saw a boy we were the only ones there . He walked to me and said "excuse me but do you need any company?" i said "that sure" i think he saw i was scared.

*Harry's P.O.V*

I saw a girl there and went to ask her if she needed company oh how harsh was it t ask her she said " yes " i looked right into her eye i could see she was scared. Her beutiful brown eyes and wavy hair was the best she was beutiful i asked her what her name was she said " Ariana " her eyes filled with tears said i told her " what a beutiful name , like the girl who has it " she smiled hardly i knew it wasnt time to ask her what was wrong and why did she looked sad it wasnt the best time to may it but i just had to i asked her , she said with a sad face on her " I came running because my ex was in my house earlier and i got out fast out of my house , i dont wanna go there anymore " she said , i quickly said " oh, look you can come stay in my house as long as you want" she smiled i said " well wanna go?" she nodded .

*Ariana's P.O.V*

He was so nice , i bearly met him but he was just the cutest thing ever.

*Harry's P.O.V*

I took her in the house and all the boys surrounded me and her asking stupid questions . I screamed "QUIET!" and they all quiet down I explained and they said " oh okay." I could see Ariana at the point of my eye she was quiet i took her to my room and told her that bed was the one she was gonna sleep in she quickly said "is this your room ?"i nodded and said " see hat couch over there is uncomfortable and its a bed too so ill sleep in that " she smiled and said " i cant let you do that, i said " its alright". she asked my name annd i replied "Harry"

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