Life goes on ~

Ariana had a strange ex that only liked to do sexual things to her one day she escapes she finds a cute handsome young boy with curly hair who helps her and later tells her he is from one direction. will she fall for him ? or one of the guys.?


4. Hariana.

*Harry's P.O.V*

She was quiet in the car i could tell she was frightened of what happened , i held her tightly and said " its alright babe , it wasnt your fault " , Niall was right next to her and hugged her tight too , i didnt have any proble with my friends hugging her as long as they dont try to do stuff that are most like boyfriend/girlfriend stuff when we got home she went straight upstairs the tohers were gonna see a mvie , i skipped though i went to the room and she wasnt there i went to the restroom and there she was taking everything off , Niall was helping her take the earings off and her hair accessories.I was fine he was helping her yet i got a tiny bit jealus of this "Hey Haz." she said "Whatsup Babe?" i said "I need my Pijamas , xan you please bring them ?" i went in the hall to our room and i could tell that she told Niall to get out of the restroom you know in the nice way.

*Niall's P.O.V*

I was there helping her god she really did look beutiful without her Makeup on , I couldnt stand it i was falling in love hard for her . No i cant do it i cant fall in love with her i taught while i was going downstairs.

*Ariana's P.O.V*

Harry came with my pijamas " thanks Haz" i said , he smiled , when i was done i went to the room and Haz was there , Laying down on our bed i got on bed and cuddled with him he turned off the lightss and slept .When i woke up he was sitting down next to me " Goodmorning Beutiful " he said " goodmorning handsome" i said we laughed and had a kiss and then went downstairs to find Eleanor cooking " no. Eleanor don't cook alone , i will help " and then Perrie came in and joined us . When we were done our boyfriends came and Niall and Liam, " Goodmorning BooBear,Nialler,Daddy direction , and Zaynster " i said Eleanor laughed at the nickname i gave Louis it wasnt anything serious she understood she wasnt that much of a jealus type.

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