Life goes on ~

Ariana had a strange ex that only liked to do sexual things to her one day she escapes she finds a cute handsome young boy with curly hair who helps her and later tells her he is from one direction. will she fall for him ? or one of the guys.?


2. Getting to know him

*Ariana's P.O.V*

I wasnt sure about this but i just didnt want to go that house again anyways all my treasures are at my aunts , Harry came in and said that they were leaving to dinner and if i wanted to go i nodded and we left.While we were on the car he asked " Thats Liam , he turned and said hi and i waved with a smile , Thats Niall with the blonde hair , Thats Louis sitting beside him and Zayn is the one driving " i Smiled but couldnt hide it Hrry was the charm out of all he kept going " And were in the band one direction"thats when the lightbulb came on " ohh , i knew i recognized yall from tv" i said . Harry just smiled . When we got there they said they were gonna circle round me so the paparazzi wouldnt catch them.After dinner i knew them veryy well.

*Harry's P.O.V*

Oh god she was smiling , she was just te best thing ever.She got to know us through dinner and we got to know her more she said everything and we spilled everything about us . I could tell she was confident .After dinner we headed back home."Ariana,do you have any clothes you can wear tomorrow?" I said she replied with a "no." i told her " you can wear my clothes tonight and tomorrow we will go shopping." she said " thanks, Harry you understood that i cant go back there because i have a fear of my ex" she smiled i told her " no prob." and smiled back

*Ariana's P.O.V*

He smiled at mee ! Well we left to their house and they we're sleepy.Harry gave me some of his clothes to wear and I put them on at their restroom when i got out i saw Harry waiting for me he said " god you look beutiful " i smiled and said " you look handsome " he kissed me in the cheek and left to bed .

*Harry's P.O.V*

I kissed heer i just couldnt resist it,she was beutiful she headed to bed and sleptt she slept like an angel .

* 1 week Later *

* Ariana's P.O.V *

i was texting Harry

Harry : Hey

Me ; Hey Haz

Harry ; hey i gotta ask you something just wait for it at home

i was so exited after 10 mn he  was here and he took oof his shirt he had anohher shirt AWW ! it said " Will You go OUT WITH ME ? i said YES! and we had a uge passinate kiss

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