Life goes on ~

Ariana had a strange ex that only liked to do sexual things to her one day she escapes she finds a cute handsome young boy with curly hair who helps her and later tells her he is from one direction. will she fall for him ? or one of the guys.?


3. First Dates and disasters

After that day we both kept having fun and everything till we went on a date to the park we had a long passionate kiss there there , after that we went to the mall and we bpoghht some matching necklaces it had a little button which i can press if i was in Danger and his IPhone will ring and locate me it also had a picture of us it was the best thing ever.

*Harry's P.O.V*

We came back home laughing , we were gonna cook dinner together it was funny we threw flour at eachhother . There she was smiling at me with her beutiful face i ust couldnt stand it i grabed her and kissed her grabing her waist i felt her smiling in the kiss.Paul came in and said we had to get dressed so we both ran upstairs, we goth changed i got my black pants and my mick jagger shirt , she came out of the restroom she had her flowery dress the dress was navy blue and had pink flowers alll over it she looked amazing.We left downstairs and the guys were ready i noticed that Niall was smiling at her.

*Niall's P.O.V*

There they came down stairs i just couldnt sand it she was beutiful in that flowery dress,I wanted her to be mine but she was Harry's i couldnt i wanted her to be mine.

*Ariana's P.O.V*

We went to the club afterwards I was dancing withh Eleanor and Perrie i got to know them better till some drunk guy came they started telling me stuff like " come with me " and " make a show to me " and started grabbing me Eleanor and Perrie were geting drinks and the guys were at the restroom .

I told the drunk guys to back off . They said

Drnk guy 1 ; Baby i know you want me

me ; leave me alone

drunk guy 2 ; we want you in our pants " touches my middle part *

I quickly pressed the button of my nelace about 6 times when Harry came running with Niall , Louis , and Zayn they tackled them to the ground annd punched him in the face we all ran to the car i was just shockeed and quiet.


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