Life goes on ~

Ariana had a strange ex that only liked to do sexual things to her one day she escapes she finds a cute handsome young boy with curly hair who helps her and later tells her he is from one direction. will she fall for him ? or one of the guys.?


5. Bestfriends

*Eleanor's P.O.V*

That nickname was funny i didnt call him that i preffered "Stripes" lol .After breakfest i went to the mall with Perrie,Ariana,Niall , and Liam . Ha ! they would always join cause they were the loners . Our boyfriends stayed and went to buy a new video game .

*Liam's P.O.V*

We were at the mall and we split up and I went with Niall to find a girl while the other girls were buying there random stuff cos yanno there were girls lol , I asked Niall where we would go to find a girl he saiid " I dunno " I could tell he liked one already so I asked him and of course he wasnt gonna lie to me he responded withh " Aria- " and i interrupted with " OHHHH tough one , huh ? she has Harry " he responded with " i know ! " we all have nicknames for the girls too Ariana was "Ari" and Eleanor was " El " Perrie was " Smiles " we laughed at those names and headed to see were they were . They were at forever 21 " Lol girls." i said to Niall he laughed .

*Ariana's P.O.V*

We were done with out shopping we each had like 15 bags with like 7 shirts and dresses and 4 pants on each lol Liam kept laughing . Cos I ALMOST fell . But El catched me while Perrie held my hand .When we got home i got tired and slept.

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