A Wizard, A Dancer, A Pager, A Vampire

What will happen to the Pretty Little Liars? Aria is a pager at this strange library where the Grimm magic is real. Spencer found out her parents had hidden her Hogwarts letter and she goes off to a place where she truly feels like she belongs. Hanna moved to Paris and started dancing and singing at the Opera Populaire, where a phantom haunts it and is determined to keep Hanna under lock and key. As for Emily she got bitten and turned into a vampire, now she currently resides with Bella, Edward, and the rest of the gang. Can the Liars make it through their crazy new lives or do they still need each other? read to find out:)

Authors note: For Aria I picked The Grimm Legacy, for Spencer I think it is obvious it is Harry Potter. For Hanna I picked The Phantom of the Opera. And last but not least I picked Twilight for Emily :)


8. When? Hanna's pov

He lead me through the passage way and down a few steps.

"When are you going to let me be my own person? When are you going to let me be me?" I asked

"Hanna, you just don't understand."

"Understand? I feel like a puppet on strings."

"You're more than that."

I didn't respond. I looked everywhere but towards him. I felt him look at me a few times.

"Now please, do your vocal warm-ups." he said

I started singing. I also started to think of Caleb and my life back at Rosewood. It was bad, awful, or was it? I mean sure some person wanted me dead and the person knew all my secrets but I had my best friends and I had a wonderful boyfriend. I was skinny and I was the most popular girl in school. But I also started thinking about here. I have met my newest best friend, Meg Giry. She completely  changed me. She taught me how to be nice and not rude to others and she also taught me to look at the glass half full not half empty. I also was the lead in Hannibal and everybody love me. I have a mystery man after me. I glanced at him. What is his story? Why did I have to be so rude to him? I started to feel bad for him. Why did he have to wear the mask? 

"Why do you wear that mask?" I asked him.

"You do not want to know, please start singing again."

"I have one last question for today. What is your story and when are you going to tell me?"

He sighed in defeat.

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