A Wizard, A Dancer, A Pager, A Vampire

What will happen to the Pretty Little Liars? Aria is a pager at this strange library where the Grimm magic is real. Spencer found out her parents had hidden her Hogwarts letter and she goes off to a place where she truly feels like she belongs. Hanna moved to Paris and started dancing and singing at the Opera Populaire, where a phantom haunts it and is determined to keep Hanna under lock and key. As for Emily she got bitten and turned into a vampire, now she currently resides with Bella, Edward, and the rest of the gang. Can the Liars make it through their crazy new lives or do they still need each other? read to find out:)

Authors note: For Aria I picked The Grimm Legacy, for Spencer I think it is obvious it is Harry Potter. For Hanna I picked The Phantom of the Opera. And last but not least I picked Twilight for Emily :)


9. Walking Aria's pov

I walked away crying. I can't believe it. I love this job. I hate the person who is sending me these letter. I finally made it back to the library. I also started thinking about the girls. Should I call them? Maybe they can help me. Sucks that Hannah is in Paris and Emily is only god knows where, and I'm not really sure about Spencer. I sighed and looked at the time. It said my shift was about over. I went down to the Grimm's section to see Aaron sitting and crying. 

"What's wrong Aaron?'

"Oh nothing I don't want you to be part of this."

"No, seriously Aaron I am your friend tell me."

"Fine, Elizabeth and I broke up."


"Yeah she said she was moving away and she doesn't like long distance relationships."

He started crying again.

"Hey, it's fine do you want to stop by the coffee shop? We can talk?" I asked

"Sure I would like that."

I gave him a smile and I got my coat. My phone started ringing and I answered it.

"Aria?" said the voice on the other line.

"Yes? "

"Hey, I am so sorry but Ezra is with me now so you can say goodbye to him." I heard some laughing that sounded like his and then the phone went dead.

Tears started running down my face and I tried to wipe them away.

"Hey, whats wrong?" Aaron asked.

"Nothing, nothing just..." I couldn't say it.

"Tell me when you feel like it come on lets get coffee."

We started for the door again. We said are goodbyes to everybody and walked out of the door. It was freezing outside. It felt like a ghost and blown air on me. I shivered a little and kept on walking with Aaron. We went to the shop and got out coffee. We mostly talked about  our lives and I told him how the strange girl called and Ezra laughing in the back ground. 

"So you guys are not dating anymore?" He asked with hope in his eyes.

"Nope I don't think so, hey let's go walking." I said

"Love too." 

I smiled at him and he smiled back

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