A Wizard, A Dancer, A Pager, A Vampire

What will happen to the Pretty Little Liars? Aria is a pager at this strange library where the Grimm magic is real. Spencer found out her parents had hidden her Hogwarts letter and she goes off to a place where she truly feels like she belongs. Hanna moved to Paris and started dancing and singing at the Opera Populaire, where a phantom haunts it and is determined to keep Hanna under lock and key. As for Emily she got bitten and turned into a vampire, now she currently resides with Bella, Edward, and the rest of the gang. Can the Liars make it through their crazy new lives or do they still need each other? read to find out:)

Authors note: For Aria I picked The Grimm Legacy, for Spencer I think it is obvious it is Harry Potter. For Hanna I picked The Phantom of the Opera. And last but not least I picked Twilight for Emily :)


10. Spells Spencer's pov

After we learned some spells I was was pooped! It was hard I don't even know how these people did it!

"Are you ready for some more?" Ron asked.

" Um.."

Ring Ring Ring.

"One second let me take this call."

I walked out of the room to get some privacy

"Hello?" I said into the receiver

"Hello, Spencer?"



"I need your help, someone was after me, I think it is A." Aria frantically said.

"What how is A after you?" I asked her with worry in my voice.

"I'm not really sure, they just started blackmailing me , they threatened my brother and  my "boyfriend", Spencer I need your help!"

"Aria, I can't I am in London!"

"What are you doing in London?" Aria asked

"This might come as a shock, but I am a .."

"A what?"

"I am a wizard no i am not on crack, my parents hid my letter to Hogwarts... Sorry Aria I just can't do it right now call Emily or Hannah, I will talk to you soon. Bye"

I hung up before she said anything back, I really want to help I just can't.. I have to help them..

I came back to the room holding back my tears, but they still looked at me weird.

"Are you ready?" I asked trying to get my mind off of things.

"Yeah, are you sure you are okay?" Harry asked.

"Yeah she-  everything will be okay." I respond

"She?" Ron asked.

"My friend she might be in trouble, but she lives in the united states. I hope she will be okay."

"What's wrong?" Harry asked concerned filled his voice.

"She just it is hard to explain." I said

"THE CAR!" Hermione yelled.

"The car of course!" Ron said.

"The car?" I asked

"Yeah, we have a flying car, we could take it to United States and you can help your friends." Ron responded to my answer.

"Oh my gosh you guys would do that for me?"

"Hey that's what friends are for right?" Hermione smiled at me.

"Thank you so much, let me call her!"

I called Aria, all I got was her voice mail I left it and ran out the door with my new friends

"Stay strong Aria, Spencer's coming." I whispered to myself



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